[NEWS] 151030 Exclusive: WINNER will come back soon… Shot music video in Sweden in secret

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WINNER has kicked off a comeback project of an “unprecedented scale”.

A high-ranking insider of WINNER’s label YG Entertainment (“YG”) said to OSEN, “WINNER shot the music video of two new songs in Sweden last week. They will soon shoot two more. So, WINNER is now working on total four music videos.”

WINNER wrote an unprecedented history with “empty”, the title track of their debut album “2014 S/S” released on August 12 at 0am. The team gained nickname of “monstrous rookie”, sweeping the No.1 on music charts and TV music shows, as well as rookie awards and song’s awards of end-of-year music awards. Usually, it is hard for a rookie idol group to take high ranks on music charts, but WINNER stayed in the No.1 place for a long time.

WINNER also took the No.1 on their very debut stage in a TV music show. Beginning from Mnet’s “M-Countdown” aired on August 21, 2014, WINNER got six No.1 trophies from music shows for a month. They are truly a “monstrous rookie”, who even recorded triple-crown in “M-Countdown”.

Then, WINNER took a year off. Fans were desperately waiting for their comeback, but the members committed themselves to the quality of their new album. Now, a new album has been completed based on the hard work of the five members: KANG SEUNG YOON, LEE SEUNG HOON, KIM JIN WOO, NAM TAE HYUN, and SONG MIN HO.

The YG insider also said, “WINNER got almost no help from external songwriters for this comeback album. The album has been completed by the five members’ work on composition and lyrics-writing.”

Even though WINNER is still a rookie who is in their second year of artistic career, YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK spares no support and trust for WINNER. YANG decided to support for WINNER’s comeback as much as he did for BIGBANG’s “MADE” project that was carried out from May to August this year. Production of four music videos for a rookie group even before their official comeback is an exceptional support.

YG’s boy groups have shown bigger achievements than ever for this year. BIGBANG carried out “MADE” project from May this year, in which they released new songs for every month. iKON who finally made their official debut with great expectations and interest from music fans also gained a great success, seeing good responses from music fans. Plus, although not specified, WINNER members said that they are working hard on new songs for comeback, and even YANG HYUN SUK posted a teaser image that said “Miss them? (WINNER)” on his personal social media account. The interest and expectations for WINNER’s comeback have been raised enough, now.

Most of all, music fans are looking forward to WINNER’s comeback because of the quality of their music written by the members themselves. When WINNER released their debut album in August last year, they proved an enormous potential by dominating all major music charts and making all the songs in the album take top ranks on charts. As such, WINNER consolidated their presence in the music scene, showing a fast growth. They also drew big popularity from the public, recording a long run on charts.

Notably, as WINNER writes their own music just as BIGBANG and iKON do, music fans are paying keen attention to the team’s new songs. The musical talent and capabilities of WINNER members have already been proven, by their debut album filled with songs written by themselves and their performances shown in survival audition shows they appeared from before their debut. As WINNER is an idol group who sings their own songs, not only their fans but also the public have high expectations for them.

Korea’s music scene in the second half of 2014 was undoubtedly the season of WINNER. Now, such WINNER hinted on their comeback after one year of absence. INNER CIRCLE fans are now paying keen attention to what kind of new songs will be unveiled by this “original monstrous rookie” this time, to sweep the music charts once again. Another focus of fans’ interest is how YG will carry out promotion for the new album of WINNER who swept all rookie awards last year.

The second half of 2015 is expected to be the season of WINNER once again.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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