[NEWS] 151014 YG’s monstrous rookie? There was WINNER first! [Come Back WINNER①]

151014 winner comeback news4

“WINNER is the real winner”

How many rookie singers could sweep music charts upon their debut? This rookie idol group made all the songs in their debut album take top places on charts upon their debut. That was the record set by YG Entertainment’s original “monstrous rookie” WINNER last year.

WINNER wrote an unprecedented record with “empty”, the title track of their debut album “2014 S/S” released on August 12 at 0 o’clock, last year. It is usually hard for a rookie singer to take top place on charts, but WINNER stayed on top for a long time.

On the very stage of debut in TV music shows, WINNER took the No.1. Beginning from Mnet’s “M-Countdown” on August 21, 2014, WINNER took total six No.1 trophies for a month. They were the real “monstrous rookie” who even achieved a triple crown in “M-Countdown”.

At that time, WINNER’s leader KANG SEUNG YOON expressed his feelings, saying, “I’ve never expected this kind of success. I think I’ll have to work even harder to live up to your expectations for my team”. LEE SEUNG HOON added, “We’ve worked hard for a long time for our debut and now we’re seeing this kind of really good outcome. I’m glad that I’ve given back to our fans who have been waiting for us”.

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The No.1 in music show was just a beginning. In the end-of-year music awards last year, WINNER received rookie awards and even song’s awards, too. In music awards including “Melon Music Awards”, “MAMA”, “SBS GAYO DAEJEON”, and “Gaon Chart Awards”, WINNER enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime honor of receiving rookie of the year awards. 

The most remarkable artist in Korea’s music scene in the second half of 2014 was undoubtedly WINNER. Such success was achieved within one year of the formation of the team WINNER in survival audition program “WIN” of Mnet. As the team had worked hard and prepared for a long time for their debut, they hit home-run of hit upon their debut.

Such monstrous rookie WINNER is hinting on their comeback after one year of absence. YG Entertainment’s head YANG HYUN SUK posted WINNER’s name, logo, and an image with phrase “Miss them?” on his blog at the end of last month, raising fans’ curiosity for WINNER’s comeback.

The news of WINNER’s comeback is exciting the music scene. Fans of Inner Circle are also keenly looking forward to what new songs this “original monstrous rookie” will newly present to sweep music charts again.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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