[NEWS] 151014 The reason why we are waiting for WINNER’s comeback [Come Back WINNER ③]

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It has been one year since boy group WINNER’s domination of the music scene last year. As WINNER stood under bigger spotlight for their talent and popularity than any other rookie groups debuted last year, people are paying keen attention to their new songs. Notably, as YG boy groups BIGBANG came back and iKON debuted this year, fans’s expectations for WINNER’s comeback are growing even bigger.

YG boy groups performed more actively than ever for this year. BIGBANG carried out “MADE” project of releasing new songs every month since May this year. iKON has also achieved big success after their debut made with big expectations and attention from music fans. Plus, WINNER members are known to be working hard on their new songs for comeback even though the detailed comeback timeline has yet to be determined, and YG’s president YANG HYUN SUK also posted a teaser image that reads “Miss them?” on his social media account, further raising fans’s expectations and curiosity.

More than anything, the reason why people are looking forward to WINNER’s comeback is the music that will be directly written by the members themselves. WINNER already proved their enormous potential by sweeping top places on music charts and making all songs in their debut album take top places on charts, when they released their debut album in August last year. They built a strong recognition among the public, showing a fast growth as an artist. The popularity WINNER enjoyed was so big and they recorded a long run on charts.

Notably, WINNER’s music is drawing keen attention, as the team writes their own songs just as BIGBANG and iKON do. WINNER’s musical talent has already been proven in two survival audition shows before their debut and the songs they wrote for their own debut album. As WINNER is an idol group who write and perform their own songs, they are enjoying a wider popularity among the general public, going beyond fandom.

151014 winner comeback news2

Furthermore, music fans are paying keen attention to WINNER’s style which has probably evolved during the break. KANG SEUNG YOON and NAM TAE HYUN built their career as actors, while SONG MIN HO was recognized as a talented rapper in Mnet’s rapper survival show “Show Me the Money 4″. Even though SONG beca me the runner-up of the show, he created a bigger fandom as a rapper and swept music charts with his songs performed in the show. So, music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of synergy WINNER will create with their talent nurtured through individual acting and musical careers.

WINNER’s comeback is all the more awaited, as the public has confidence in YG’s music and YG artists’ music. “empty” and “Color Ring” of WINNER’s debut album drew a big popularity and other YG singers including BIGBANG and EPIK HIGH are also creating music that can appeal to the public. As those are the outcome perfected with head producer YANG HYUN SUK’s meticulous final touch, people have trust in the quality of YG music.

WINNER who created trustworthy quality of music from the very debut is now to present even better music and performances. Music fans are paying keen attention to what new record will be written by WINNER after their comeback.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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