For the first time in YG Entertainment, the restricted audition for only ‘Males’ can apply, <2015 YG AUDITION : NEXT GENERATION> was announced and will start through POSTER and SPOT! It is a global audition to be held in Busan, then Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Osaka. The interests from applicants are enthusiastic already.

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There is another reason for this audition to be hot. It’s because of support from two awesome teams at YG Entertainment!

WINNER who swept Rookie of the Year award since their debut in 2014 and iKON who arouse so many issues even before their official debut. Twelve of them gathered together to support this YG Entertainment audition.

The SPOT released on this Monday (August 17) consist of natural aspects of those 12 members. It is said they tried hard to capture natural facial expressions and action of each member. They wore their ordinary clothes and stand in front of the camera from YG Entertainment building and global training center where WINNER and iKON do the music work, record, and practice dance for real.

I think this video is more meaningful because although YG Entertainment building exposed several times through various broadcast programs, however this SPOT consist of the place where trainees practice hard along with the place where 12 members of WINNER and iKON spend most of time!

The trainees who will be selected through this audition would spend time and dream about being a star by practicing hard at that place. 🙂

For those of you who are preparing for the audition, WINNER and iKON, as a senior of the company who are just a step ahead, are going to tell several TIPS and each one’s story behind the audition to help you guys. They are going to reveal the stories slowly before the beginning of <2015 YG AUDITION : NEXT GENERATION>, at Busan on Saturday, August 29!

Oh! There are also surprise release of each member’s Polaroid photo with their autograph along with their interview!


The first group to interview with is, “WINNER” who we want to see every day! Please read five members of WINNER’s interview carefully who got selected from survival program and audition, Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho, and Nam Tae Hyun! Starting now!


Q1) I want to hear the reason why you joined the audition.

Kang Seungyoon: I wanted to achieve my dream that I kept for long since I was young. I was practicing hard to achieve that dream and there was a chance and I applied for it.
Kim Jinwoo: I was learning singing, dancing, and acting and there was chance to have an audition so I joined it.
Lee Seunghoon: I love to listen to music and dancing so much so I dreamed about become a singer naturally and entered audition.
Song Minho: I thought “there’s no better idea than enter YG Entertainment to have a career in music field”.
Nam Taehyun: I joined the audition due to the rookie development team manager’s suggestion. YG Entertainment was a company that I aspired after.

Q2) What and how did you prepare for the audition?

Kang Seungyoon: I prepared a song along with guitar that I enjoyed to play.
Kim Jinwoo: I prepared dance, singing and acting that I learned.. With the mental attitude of this is the only way to achieve my dream!
Lee Seunghoon: I enjoy dancing and practiced constantly but to differentiate with others I prepared demo CD for the audition.
Song Minho: I practiced hard for the rap that I did so far along with an earnest mental attitude.
Nam Taehyun: I didn’t try to look cool because it’s audition but tried to show the natural features of me as it is.


Q3) What have you performed at audition?

Kang Seungyoon: I think I sang and played guitar that I did usually but was not nervous.
Kim Jinwoo: I sang ‘My image reflected in the mirror’ and danced with the song ‘I know’, then finally I appealed myself by monologue.
Lee Seunghoon: I showed singing, dancing and rap passionately. (The embarrassing feeling remained is something for myself to handle.)
Song Minho: I presented my own rap and copied rap (Jay-z : Song Cry) and performed dance reflected general dance that I looked from the Internet website.
Nam Taehyun: I sang a song that I prepared without feeling nervous and to give deep impression to the judges, I did splits of legs.

Q4) How was the judges’ reaction? Did you expect you to pass the audition?

Kang Seungyoon: I didn’t expect to pass but I thought I did everything that I could to without feeling nervous.. So I was feeling confident. Haha!
Kim Jinwoo: I never expected to pass. I think I was bit nervous!
Lee Seunghoon: The atmosphere in the audition room was tepid but I tried my best not caring about the atmosphere.
Song Minho: The reaction wasn’t bad but I thought I will be disappointed if I expect and fail so I didn’t expect to be passed.
Nam Taehyun: No, I never ever expect to be passed..!


Q5) What did you think straight after the audition?

Kang Seungyoon: There’s no regret. Because I have shown everything I could.
Kim Jinwoo: I worried about failing because I was nervous. So I thought I better practice harder!
Lee Seunghoon: I was unsatisfied because I thought I didn’t show the best.. I should’ve done better!
Song Minho: Please… Please help me!!!
Nam Taehyun: Phew! I felt relieved! But at the same time I reminded of all the time that I worried and tried hard.

Q6) What do you think of the key point that YG Entertainment look at when they select the trainees?!

Kang Seungyoon: The uniqueness of their own and you should appeal that to the judges clearly. There are a lot of people come to audition so you have to remained in their memories!
Kim Jinwoo: The confidence comes first!! You have to stay cool even if you make a mistake and the way to handle the mistake is also important!
Lee Seunghoon: Your own color to attract others along with efforts is always good points.
Song Minho: The potential and intensive desire rather than perfectly done features! You have to show your potential to improve with your efforts and practice cumulated over long time.
Nam Taehyun:  Your own individuality different to the others. It is the easiest but hardest point to have. It will be helpful if you recognize your strength and your attractiveness before you come.


Q7) Do you have any question or comment from the judges that remains in your mind?

Lee Seung Hoon: “Did you write the lyrics of the rap for yourself?”
Song Minho: I don’t think there was any. Maybe they didn’t like me..
Nam Taehyun: There was no comment at all. Was it because of the splitting legs?

Q8) Is there anything that you want give advice for others “not to do it” or “do it”?

Kang Seungyoon: You must not do the R&B or RAP that everyone do. You have to show your own color from the song selection.
Kim Jinwoo: I think you should show everything you can to show. No one would recognized your talent if you hide it! Show it when you can show it!
Lee Seunghoon: Don’t feel nervous and show your talent but don’t try to pretend excessively.
Song Minho: Don’t let others know that you are nervous. Act naturally even if you make a mistake! And make viewers want to know about me more. It sounds hard..
Nam Taehyun: Don’t feel too nervous and if you have practiced a lot, then just show everything about you! Not to regret after the audition!


Q9) What was your and others reaction when you heard that you have passed?

Kim Jinwoo: I couldn’t believe it at first, then it was surprising, of course, for everyone!
Lee Seunghoon:: It was an overwhelming moment as same as when Korea entered semifinals for World Cup in 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song Minho:: Congratulations and you must do your best.
Nam Taehyun:: It was tremendous response like a volcanic explosion. I pledged to try harder!

Q10) Is there any specific reason that you have chosen YG Entertainment and lastly can you appeal with good points being a YG Entertainment trainee?

Kang Seungyoon:: You can learn whatever you want to learn. The company support so much for the education parts and the system that you improve through the strict competition! You can do everything if you try hard!
Kim Jinwoo:: I think you will become all-rounder if you try hard to learn something since the company support your learning.. The reason why I chose YG Entertainment? There is no special reason, it was just it had to be YG Entertainment.
Lee Seunghoon:: YG’s the best. Accommodation and the meals provided are awesome!
Song Minho:: There’s nothing to mention. You can do everything if you just try hard. YG’s the best!
Nam Taehyun:: YG Entertainment support a lot for people trying hard to achieve their dream. (Is there anything better than that?)

Have you read carefully? Please leave a comment about these special tips. We will send the Polaroid photos with autograph on it that you have seen above through the draw! We will be back with iKON’s special tips followed by WINNER next week! Please look forward for it! 🙂

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* All rights are reserved to YG Entertainment.

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