[NEWS] 150807 YG Looking For the Next WINNER Or iKON!

yg audition ikon x winner banner2

YG Entertainment (YG) is holding a global audition.

At 3 PM on August 7, YG posted a fierce-looking poster on its official Facebook and Twitter page showing WINNER and iKON members standing in a line under the phrase “2015 YG AUDITION-NEXT GENERATION.”

On the poster, there are details about the sections, qualifications, application instructions, and schedule as well as the address of the official website for the audition.

It is YG’s first audition for males only and only those that are over the age of 10 and under the age of 24(born between 1993 and 2005) can apply. Applicants can choose and apply for a maximum of two sections out of vocal, rap, and dance section and can submit applications online or onsite.

The audition will kick off at Dongju Universtity in Busan on the 29th of this month. It will also be held at the YG Global Training Center in Seoul on September 5, in Los Angeles on September 12, in New York on September 19, and in Tokyo and Osaka (the exact dates for the audition in Japan have not been decided yet). 

Expectations are running high on who will become YG’s hot new boyband after WINNER and iKON. With their “2014 S/S” album released in 2014, WINNER made a successful debut and won Gaon’s New K-Pop Boyband of the Year and the New Artist of the Digital Section at the Golden Disk Awards. iKON also has a strong presence with BOBBY as its member. BOBBY became the final winner of the season 3 of Mnet’s Show Me The Money.

Source: YG-Life

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