[NEWS] 150802 BIGBANG-WINNER-iKON: YG Family Attracts 540,000 Global Fans on V App

150802 winner ikon yg v app news

V App, a portal service that streams K-Pop stars live, recorded 540,000 fans for YG artists in just a few days. YG family is already known for securing an enormous fan base all over the world, and this simply proves their popularity.

YG Family’s 2-year-old newbie group WINNER and iKON, to make a debut on Sept 15, both appeared on the first episode of the channel at 10pm on August 1. Fans were enthusiastic and the 12 boys ran the program smoothly with wit.

Next is BIGBANG. On August 4, one day before their comeback, the quintet will appear on V App and will communicate with the fans. BIGBANG will showcase their wit and entertain the fans, and their talents have been proven on Naver Star Cast already. BIGBANG is holding back on TV appearance as they are in the middle of their World Tour, but they are back for this as this is part of a service and a gift to their fans.

BIGBANG attracted a total of 148,347 and iKON 149,097, WINNER 132,722 as of August 2 at 7am on V App. YG Family attracted a total of 116,219 and the fans for YG as a whole adds up to 545,011. This is just the beginning, though. The number continues to rise. WINNER hasn’t made a comeback yet and iKON yet to make a debut. But the number is simply dominating.

V App kicked off its service by streaming WINNER vs iKON game on August 1. Wonder Girls, BIGBANG, CNBlue, KARA and other top K-Pop stars will be appearing on the program. The service was launched on android phones on July 31, and until mid August the iOS version service will be launched as well, aiming for a full launch at the end of August.

Source: YG-Life

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