[NEWS] 150801 [Naver V App] WINNER & iKON, Beyond Imagination: Most Entertaining 60 Minutes (Overall)

150801 winner ikon v app news

WINNER and iKON got together for the first time in a while, and the chemistry between the two was just incredible. The members were on their own running the show, and the freedom made them sparkle like a pearl in a shell.

On Naver V App, WINNER and iKON’s individual broadcast was streamed live on August 1. The two teams commented, “We were in ‘WIN’ together and that’s already 2 years ago. The then A and B teams are now here as WINNER and iKON. This is truly a touching moment.”

WINNER and iKON were teamed up for the game. The theme given was “holiday.” They said, “We will definitely go on a holiday. To Boracay.” And added, “Our agency might not let us go. But we will still do the V App Live Show while we’re there!”

The interesting part was that the rappers, iKON’s BOBBY and WINNER’s SONG MIN HO, who have been recognized for their amazing rapping skills on “Show Me the Money” were on the show together. The two were the representatives for the teams and did rock-scissors-paper. Their playful competition made everyone laugh.

The two teams played the games and showed their charms. There were missions like who would stare at one another without blinking, or competing with rap. Their swag but playful hip-hop skills made people burst out in laughter.

The champion was iKON. The champion now gets to go on a holiday, but the losing team seemed happy that they were able to spend time with their fans for the first time in a while. WINNER and iKON both had some time off, so the joy was doubled. But there was a major twist in the end. The “WIN WIN Chance.” If the winning team wins rock-scissors-paper, then they get double the money for their holiday, but if they lose, the two teams go on a holiday together. WINNER wanted it to be the latter, but B.I won the game and the plan went down the drain. WINNER said jokingly, “It was fun. I will let you go on a holiday.”

WINNER and iKON faced each other in Mnet’s survival program “WIN.” They were both YG’s trainees back then, divided into Teams A and B. KANG SEUNG YOON, SONG MIN HO, LEE SEUNG HOON in Team A were already experienced artist, while Team B was filled with passion and a powerful bond among the members.

The two teams fought each other fiercely and Team A became the champion by a close call, which resulted in WINNER’s debut. However, it didn’t mean Team B’s chance was forever gone. Team B was able to have the opportunity of appearing on Mnet’s “MIX & MATCH” as they showcased incredible potential in the previous show. In the survival show that followed, they succeeded and got the name iKON to make a debut. It is only natural that the two teams being in the same show is a pleasant surprise to everyone.

V App is a mobile application launched by Naver in the morning of July 31. Stars film themselves individually and communicate with the fans. August 1 was WINNER and iKON to kick start the program, and 25 other teams including BIGBANG, Sistar, Beast, APink and more will be following.

Source: YG-Life

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