[NEWS] 150731 WINNER on Naver V App Surprise Broadcast: “More Nerve-Racking than First Show”

150801 ksy winner jinyoon v app news

WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON and KIM JIN WOO conducted a test run of Naver’s V App to communicate with the fans.

On July 31, Naver V App unveiled a surprised clip of WINNER. WINNER was involved in the test run of V App before the official launch on August 1.

In the clip, WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON and KIM JIN WOO appeared. They filmed themselves with a mobile phone. KANG and KIM said, “We’re here now. It’s amazing. It’s live. This is more nerve-racking than the first show we were on.” Even before the official launch of V App, thousands of fans viewed the clip.

They both said, “We don’t really do social media so we are happy that Naver made this. This should have been made earlier. We thank the related people of V App for creating a stage for us to communicate with the public. Congratulations on the launch!”

“We can see a car. Why are we here? If you want to find out, just stay tuned. Stay tuned especially for the live broadcast tomorrow at 10pm.”

In the morning of July 31, Naver’s mobile application V App is launched. Celebrities run their own program using their mobile phone on V App. The official launch is on August 1 with WINNER as the first in line.

Source: YG-Life

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