[NEWS] 150730 [Music Talk Talk] 12 members of WINNER and iKON come together in “V”, been ages since the last time they came together

150729 winner ikon v naver app

The encounter between WINNER and iKON who have enormous fandom. It is truly a “rare item” that you may not see again any time soon.

Boy group WINNER and iKON stand before the public in live-broadcasting “V” together, which will be launched by search engine NAVER on the 1 of next  month. The encounter is drawing keen attention from even before its beginning, as it will be an unprecedented mega-scale event for the  two idol groups who have enormous fandom. Notably, as the two teams began their career together by competing in a survival audition show, the encounter is expected to be all the more meaningful.

WINNER and iKON fiercely competed against each other for official debut, in Mnet’s survival audition program “WIN: WHO’s NEXT” aired from August to October, 2013. People had high expectations for the two teams, as they were YG trainees, and they actually lived up to such expectations with their talent, building an enormous fandom from even before their debut.

Eventually, WINNER who won the survival competition debuted in August last year, and iKON has also prepared for their debut after adding a new member in another survival audition “MIX&MATCH” last year. As it is known that iKON will make an official debut in September this year, fans are already showing high expectations for the team.

WINNER and iKON who will be the first host of “V-APP” broadcasting are standing  on the same stage officially two years after “WIN”. As the two teams showed captivating survival competition in “WIN”, their joint appearance in “V-APP” is drawing all the more attention. It is a special event for fans to see the two brother idol groups on the same stage after a long time.

The “V-APP” live-broadcasting of WINNER and iKON is expected to be a content that shows the natural and fun everyday lives of the members, not a competition as in “WIN”. NAVER that drew keen attention from Internet users with its STARCAST service, has communicated with fans around the world in real time,  showing a variety of contents that reveal the real life of stars which are not disclosed on TV. Now, WINNER and iKON have got a window to directly communicate with fans together, long time after “WIN” show.

Notably, as iKON is soon to make debut in September this year , it is expected that stories about their debut will be said in “V-APP” show. Since both of WINNER and iKON are already recognized for their artistic talent and skills, their comment on the comeback and debut will draw a keen attention. Plus, whether WINNER will announce news about their comeback is also drawing a big interest.

“V-APP” that shows free and natural everyday life of stars you love, and the unprecedented encounter between WINNER and iKON long time after “WIN” show. People are paying keen attention to what responses will be shown by not only Korean fans but also by fans around the world toward this mega-scale special event.

Source: YG-Life

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