[AWARD] 150722 ‘We Broke Up’ for the 1st K-Web Fest Awards, Seungyoon Wins ‘Best Actor’ Award

150722 wbu kwebfest 150722 wbu kwebfest cap

150725 Update: KWEBFEST releases official list of nominees! Seungyoon is nominated for ‘Best Actor’!

150725 kwebfest nominees list

150730 Update: Kang Seungyoon won ‘Best Actor’ for ‘We Broke Up’ while co-star/labelmate, Sandara Park won the ‘Best Actress’ award for ‘Dr. Ian’. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

150730 ksy best actor wbu kwebfest banner

We Broke Up’ co-star and labelmate, Sandara Park, also has another entry for the festival, ‘Dr. Ian’

150722 dr ian kwebfest cap

KWEBFEST is the first web series festival ever to be held in Korea and Northeast Asia.

The festival will run from July 30th to 31st of 2015 at The K Hotel Seoul

Opening Video (KSY appears @ 1:15)

Also, a movie screening of the web drama nominees will be held as part of the event. See the schedule for ‘We Broke Up’ and ‘Dr. Ian’ below.

150722 kwebfest movie schedule cap

Ticket reservation is also ongoing for those who are in Korea during the festival. CLICK HERE

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