[NEWS] 150707 Seungyoon mentioned on an article about IU’s acting in “The Producers”

150707 producer ksy news

Before “The Producers” was broadcasted, reflected on SNS, the public’s positive opinion on IU’s acting was at 66% and after the drama ended, the percentage rose to 71%.

The specific appraisal on IU’s acting rose to 9% from 3%.

Following IU, Kim Soohyun got 55,396 votes, Kang Seungyoon received 23,098 votes, Gong Hyojin had 20,644, and Cha Taehyun, 15,423.

Even though Kang Seungyoon just made cameos throughout the drama, he was mentioned quite often on Twitter and received much attention. The legendary cameos on “The Producers” that took part in its popularity amounts to a total of 54 cameo appearances.

Source: Naver
Translation: @chrissy96_

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