[INSTAGRAM] 150706~10 ‘We Broke Up’ Cast’s Updates

Actor Lee Beom Kyu’s Instagram

150706 beomkyu wbu insta1150706 beomkyu wbu insta cap1

Trans: Ah. It is hot. but today is Monday~^-^
#Webrokeup #IDontKnowBand who is not famous yet

150706 beomkyu wbu insta2150706 beomkyu wbu insta cap2

Trans: Soon to be successful! Dressed up #BandIDoNotKnow What company did they sign a contract with? #우리헤어졌어요 #webrokeup


150710 beomkyu wbu insta1150710 beomkyu wbu insta cap1

Trans: #MassMusic #YoonNina Chooses the great/talented (?) band #IDontKnowBand #우리헤어졌어요 #webrokeup

150710 beomkyu wbu insta2150710 beomkyu wbu insta cap2

Trans: Soon! Often! Let’s smile merrily #webrokeup

YGK+ Model/Actor Kim Kyu Ho’s Instagram

150706 kyuho insta150706 kyuho insta cap

Trans: #MassMusic

ppsuzin’s Instagram

150706 ksy drums insta150706 ksy drums insta cap

Trans: #WeBrokeUp #filming I was surprised to find out #KangSeungyoon played the drums well

Comment Trans: You can’t see it in the photo but he’s really, really skinny, seriously skinny…

Source: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Translation: We Love Seungyoon || @1004SYNA || @chrissy96_ || @YG_WINNER

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