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[INSTAGRAM] 150629~0705 ‘We Broke Up’ Cast’s Updates

Dara’s Instagram

150703 dara ksy polaroids insta150703 dara ksy polaroids insta cap

Trans: Today is the day #WeBrokeUp will be aired. Will I appear on TV?! 📺🙈 Since there are romantic scenes, I am shy. Is it not sweet yet..? @.@ But.. we did our best. Please watch it a lot~ Ah! It will be aired on OnStyleChannel. 😄 7 PM Thanks !!! #WeBrokeUp4


150703 dara wbu insta 150703 dara wbu insta cap

Trans: We made hearts ❤️ (Similar sentence structure to “We Broke Up”)

YGK+ Model/Actress Kang Seunghyun’s Instagram

150704 seunghyun wbu1 insta 150704 seunghyun wbu1 insta cap 150704 seunghyun wbu2 insta 150704 seunghyun wbu2 insta cap

Trans: #WeBrokeUp

150704 seunghyun wbu3 insta 150704 seunghyun wbu3 insta cap

Actor Lee Beom Kyu’s Instagram

150629 beomkyu wbu insta 150629 beomkyu wbu insta cap

Trans: Today at 7 PM #WeBrokeUp will be aired~

#IDontKnowBand will make a sortie soon


150701 beomkyu wbu insta 150701 beomkyu wbu insta cap

Trans: #IDontKnowBand who went to #YouthMusicConcert

Guitar& Vocal leader #JiWonYoung

Drum & Visual #GuHyunDong

Keyboard #HanShimHoon

And.. #WeBrokeUp


150704 beomkyu wbu insta 150704 beomkyu wbu insta cap

Trans: This is Love. with @leeseyoung19890428

It’s only a title #Webrokeup

150704 beomkyu ksy insta 150704 beomkyu ksy insta cap

Trans: Eating meat with Wonyoung~ #SamGeoriButcher


YGK+ Model/Actor Kim Kyu Ho’s Instagram

150704 kyuho wbu insta 150704 kyuho wbu insta cap

Trans: Shh!


150705 kyuho wbu insta 150705 kyuho wbu insta cap

Trans: #SamGeoriButcher (3rd Street Butcher, YG’s Restaurant)

Translation: We Love Dara || We Love Seungyoon || @1004SYNA || @chrissy96_
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