[TUTORIAL] How To Register And Increase Views on Naver?

+ Register+

1. Click HERE. This link will lead you to an english version of the registration.


2. You will then be brought to Naver’s Agreement of Terms of Service.. etc. Click the topmost check and press ‘Agree’


3. Fill up the needed information.



4. Input your phone number with the corresponding country code then click ‘Verify’. Naver will then send a verification code thru text.


5. Input the code you received and click ‘Confirm’. Once the message ‘Verification is success.’ appears, you can click ‘Sign Up’.


You are now registered on Naver!

+ Be a Fan of ‘We Broke Up’ Naver Page & Give Out Hearts+

Go to ‘We Broke Up’ Naver Page and click on the heart!


Also, like on each episode by clicking on the hearts!

wbu3 wbu4

+ Comment+


Scroll down until you see something like this. This is the comments section. After typing your comment, click ‘등록’ on the right side most and your comment will be posted.

+ For those who can’t access/is blocked by Naver+

Add ‘Hola’ Extension/Add-on on your Chrome/Firefox Browser


Click ‘Add to Chrome’


A prompt will appear. Select ‘Add’


See that cute fame icon on the top-right of your browser? That’s Hola’s icon. Click that and select a country. For this tutorial, I chose South Korea.


There you go! You can now view and access Naver TV Cast! Have fun watching and relaying! ^^

Tutorial & Caps by We Love Seungyoon
Take out with Full Credits

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