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[INSTAGRAM] 150627~28 Excited ‘We Broke Up’ Cast Members’ Massive IG Updates

Dara’s Instagram

150627 wbu dara insta

150627 wbu dara insta cap

Trans: Come Together~!!! (from Big Bang’s Fantastic lyrics) We~ broke up~!!! >.< @hyoni_kang@leeseyoung19890428 @ebeomkyu@kimkyuho1002 @juanxkui #KangSeungYoon #webrokeup #webrokeup

Actor Lee Beom Kyu’s Instagram

150627 wbu beomkyu insta 2 150627 wbu beomkyu insta 2 cap

Trans: #WeBrokeUp #model ver


150627 wbu beomkyu insta 1150627 wbu beomkyu insta 1 cap

Trans: #WeBrokeUp #IDontKnowBand 
#JiWonYoung #HanShimHoon #GuHyun
#comming #soon~!!!
#D-1 !!!

YGK+ Model/Actor Kim Kyu Ho’s Instagram

150627 wbu kyuho insta 1150627 wbu kyuho insta 1 cap

Trans: ↗️D – 2 !

@daraxxi @hyoni_kang@leeseyoung19890428 @ebeomkyu@juanxkui #KangSeungYoon

150627 wbu kyuho insta 2150627 wbu kyuho insta 2 cap

Trans: It’s been a long time. It was really nice to met you ☺️ #KangSeungYoon @ebeomkyu @kimkyuho1002

YGK+ Model/Actress Kang Seunghyun’s Instagram

150627 wbu seunghyun insta150627 wbu seunghyun insta cap

Trans: Model Pose Hahahahahahaha #WeBrokeUp and we met again 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Lee Seyoung’s Instagram

150628 wbu seyoung insta150628 wbu seyoung insta cap

Translation: We Love Dara || We Love Seungyoon || @1004SYNA
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