[PHOTOS] 150604 YG Family Attends The Opening of ‘3rd Street Butchers’ Restaurant

11116581_1584333468504109_1451390069171871358_o 11252496_1584335238503932_4778284402745876373_o 11412043_1584333818504074_6125762292783853307_o 11334048_1584335211837268_1151674275765883456_o 11406761_1584335265170596_2612465565610852369_o 11421388_1584335221837267_7155954220118027775_o 11252636_1584335271837262_4495386346648501410_o 11334095_1584334858503970_1009066010472588928_o 11402363_1584335338503922_8257237072507291293_o 11411788_1584335315170591_1907361639718204793_o 11424779_1584334891837300_9146454875958090859_o

A/N: 3rd Street Butchers is a new YG restaurant that opened on June 4, 2015. It is located on the 3rd Street (3 geori) of Hongdae

Info provided by @chrissy96_
Source: 삼거리 푸줏간 Facebook (1 || 2)

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