[WLSY Project #2] Project Update



Hello everyone! WLSY’s staff is honored to announce that as of February 9th, 2015, the personalized gifts as well as the message book that contains not only this project’s messages, wishes and fanarts but also the previous Project/Giveaway poems/essays and fanarts (HORRAY! your effort was not wasted ^_-), were safely received by WINNER’s support representative. ^_^


#2 Gifts


For the charity part of the project, we are deeply grateful for we collected a sum of 135 USD. We are in debt to everyone who donated and helped us spread the word. We know writing each and every donor’s name and country on our message book for Seungyoon isn’t enough but we sincerely thank you all. *deep bows*


Donation Proj 2 Certificate
Translation by @ilove2ne1girls:

Thank you so much to you.
‘10,000 Won miracle’ with Sean

The disabled children and Purme Foundation is thankful to Kang Seungyoon ( for making a miracle to build a rehabilitation hospital for children. We want to extend our gratefulness to you for practicing sharing through “10000 won miracle” 365 day campaign with Sean and we will remember our grateful for lifetime.



We are happy to announce that the PURME Foundation will personally deliver the hard copy of the certificate to Kang Seungyoon. ^_^


At this point, we dare to say that our Project #2: “2Love & 2Share” has been a very successful one. We extend our apologies for the lack of updates but we are hoping that this post can make up for it.


We hope for more participation and love for the next project but for now, again, we thank you all for your kind support and interest!


Best regards,
– WLSY Staff

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