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Since SuperStarK, he started to make his name known for being good at playing guitar and at singing
Even though he passed the preliminaries, during the preliminary stage, the other members of his team told him to give up on playing guitar and sing songs form Davichi.
From then, he started to receive more attention because he would switch songs according to other members.
but his charms weren’t well received because Yoon Jong Shin asked him why would he sing girls’ songs
it wasn’t a complain but more like a question
and Kang Seung Yoon responded that

ksy 2

T/N: he said that he preferred to prioritize team work instead since it wasn’t an “individual” song. He rather take this risk as a singer.

even if he went down because of that, he was encouraged by his team members
he didn’t even resent them

that’s the miracle of Kang Seung Yoon during SuperStarK

Even now, as a member of Winner, he keeps giving compliments
he always gives them merit for everything they do

the first thing he said about Jinwoo is that he was hard working
he told Seunghoon that he was good at freestyling and that Mino was a good kid

xx(translations are in this post : )

The reason he gave up on his solo career was also intentional
YG already prepared his solo song and his solo album during who is next, but he intentionally gave up for his team

when they make mistakes during performances, he always takes the full blame for himself and he feels sorry for everyone.

when Jinwoo was practicing alone, Kang Seung Yoon said that he felt sorry for Jinwoo because he was wearing that hoodie, so he was scared that hyung would catch a cold. He said that his heart got hurt seeing Jinwoo like that because he felt like Jinwoo was hiding his confidence all the time

he’s a leader who is really responsible with strong personalities
but he also has a lot of compassion for others

ksy 3 ksy 4

when he was still a trainee during Win days, he did YG concert and couldn’t stop crying
Tablo was trying to comfort him



ksy 5

ksy 6

When they won triple crown, he cried alone after the stage but no one knew

he’s also a lovely and cute leader

ksy 7

ksy 8

ksy 9

and he likes to joke around

ksy and mino 1

ksy and mino 2




post response:
original post:
1]      뿅 |2015.01.01 02:19  (+104,-0)
he struggled a lot. when he was 17, he was bullied severely and he went to YG to train. During the 4 years, he had lots of rough times. i hope he gets compensated for all the disadvantages he went through. He’s the maknae line, but he watches his team silently and he’s a reliable figure to them. I’m proud that he remains modest. Thank you Kang Leader ksy speech
2]     ㅇㅇ |2015.01.01 10:41 (+95,-0)
since he went to YG, he already had public recognition. Even during superstarK, he was already really popular. i thought he would become a cocky person but he greats everyone well and Nam Taehyun even says that he doens’t behave like a celebrity. And seeing how he always praise his members makes him look like a good man. Even though he’s super famous now, he’s the as the SuperStarK Kang Seung Yoon.


3]     ㅇㅇ |2015.01.01 11:25 (+87,-0)

I thought he would catch the celebrity disease after superstarK, but he came to our school and he was so mannerful. Even the teacher praised him. I thought he would become a celebrity freak after going to YG, but he wasgreeting everyone. After SuperStarK, he even gave a gift to Kim Jiwoo(?)  I’ve never heard a bad thing about him.
ksy 10(T/N: girl praising Kang Seung Yoon when he went to her school (handsome/mannerful/cute/good skin/hope he does well/etc :P)
4]      ㅇㅇ |2015.01.01 11:18 (+38,-0)
Kang Seung Yoon used to have a twitter before Win began but since Win, he felt that it would be unfair because he’s in a competition with team B and he deleted his twitter. But before Win started, he told everyone to give love to everyone in Win and to support both teams. But since he’s the leader he didn’t have a choice but to support his own team after. His personality is really too good
5]     ㅇㅇ |2015.01.01 14:56 (+34,-0)
For MAMA, he even put up his guitar in auction to for a poverty foundation. Kang Seung Yoon’s classksy 11





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