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[OTHERS] Winner leader Kang Seungyoon’s way of treating fans

Kang Seungyoon blowing kisses to fans

seungyoon gif 1


When performing the song “Smile Again”, gesturing to fans to ‘smile’ with him

seungyoon gif 2


For fans who came to listen to Kang Seungyoon DJ a radio
Constantly writing on the sketchbook asking fans if they’re cold
After the radio ended, showing fans that they worked hard


seungyoon 1

seungyoon 2

seungyoon 3

seungyoon 4


Making a v-sign to a fan taking a picture

seungyoon 5

seungyoon 6


Wearing a flower that was given as a gift from a fan, giving the autograph, even making a heart with his fingers

seungyoon 7

seungyoon 8

seungyoon 9


Proving that he has the name tag a fan gifted him

seungyoon gif 3


Eye smile to fan, daebak ㅋㅋ

seungyoon 10


Eye contact and two thumbs up

seungyoon 11 seungyoon 12


Lee Seunghoon said he’d slap a wrist since it’s his strength, the fans said they’d get hit but Kang Seungyoon said he’d take the hit instead since fan wrists are precious

seungyoon 13


Kang Seungyoon’s hug, regardless of the fact that it’s a male fan

seungyoon 14


Making V signs when fans take pictures of him

seungyoon 15


At a fan meeting, fans made a slogan that said ‘Thank you for being Winner’ because it was Winner’s first anniversary. All the fans held it up and Kang Seungyoon looked at it for a long time

seungyoon 16

Then he said, “Don’t be thankful to us, we are thankful to you” and he folded the slogan in half so it only said ‘Thank you’ and showed it to fans

seungyoon 17








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