[OTHERS] 141205 Pann: Kang Seungyoon’s skinship that makes your heart flutter

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Post: ‘Compilation of Seungyoon’s skin-ship that makes peoples’ hearts flutter’
Source: Pann

1. [+59, 0]  These are the words that Kang Seungyoon wanted to tell the eldest hyung after training for a long time.

“When I first saw hyung in the practice room crouched down and hiding in a hoodie, my heart was aching because it felt like hyung didn’t want to show himself to the world.  I just couldn’t understand why hyung was hiding the cool and handsome person that he is.  Hyung deserves to be loved.  Cheer up, my friend!”

That’s the kind of person Winner’s leader is.

2. [+42, 0]  Adding Sweet Kang here

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3. [+31, 0]  At the radio show, he asked the fans if they weren’t cold after he saw them standing outside.  He told them to be careful of catching a cold and after the radio show ended, he gave a thumbs up and told them they worked hard.  It was so touching the way he made eye contact with the fans whenever a song was playing.  I realized how lucky I was for my favourite artist to be such a sweet, kind, person who always thinks of others.

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4. [+22, 0]  The fans were holding a placard that said “Thank you for being Winner” and he told them “Why are you guys thankful, we should be the ones thankful to you.”  He took the placard and cut it in half and then held up the “Thank you” part.  Seungyoon is very sweet to everyone around him and he’s just amazing with his fans.

5. [+20, 0]  I guess it’s because Seungyoon’s been through a lot debuting here and there and overcoming a lot of things that he has a mature side to him.  That’s why it’s such a surprise for me.  Honestly, all the Winner members aren’t totally new… they’ve all had their own obstacles that they had to overcome and bringing those kind of kids together… They might seem like kids from the outside but when you examine them up close, they’re like pieces that are well-put together.  They all think so deeply of others…. and even though Jinwoo always looks bright, my heart hurts when I remember his long training period.  Recently, he cried during their performance and Seungyoon said there were times when he was scared because Jinwoo would like staying in dark rooms with the curtains closed… he’s strong but also delicate.  He’s a strong person.  I love the two sides to Winner…

6. [16, 0]

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7. [+14, 0]  The more you get to know him, the more you realize how genuine he is… he has such a beautiful way with words especially in his interviews like “The essence of music is not to fight but to heal.”  I loved that

8. [+14, 0]  I love seeing him doing well as a leader… he has many talents and a great sense of leadership.  Much better than a leader who is forceful…  and Seungyoon looks like a Koala every time I see him… especially when he hugs people ㅋㅋ

9. [+14, 0]  Heol…. look at the way he wraps his arms around their hair when he hugs them……. makes my heart beat….. ah I can’t be like this… I’m not even an Inner Circle



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