[WLSY Project #2] Seungyoon @22: “2Love & 2Share”


Hey Inner Circle! Do you know what’s coming up?! Yes! It’s the 22nd birthday of our very own versatile vocalist-leader, Kang Seungyoon! And we are celebrating it for a good cause.

We Love Seung Yoon staff bring you a simple yet meaningful birthday project, WLSY’s 2nd Project called Seungyoon @22: “2Love & 2Share”.

1. Messagebook
Send us a scan/photo of your personalized birthday message/letter or fanart to Seungyoon at We ask everyone to make a short but sweet message not exceeding 200 characters or a fanart. Make your writings/messages readable and understandable. No explicit or inappropriate language allowed. Messages could either be in English or Korean (Please refrain from writing in Korean if you aren’t fluent of the language). Also include in the message your name and the country you are from. Scans/photos of all the messages will be compiled into a book very much like the sample below. We will be accepting messages and fanarts until January 5th, 2015, 12AM KST.

dcksy msgs sample

2. Personalized Gifts
We have always seen Winner with luxurious and branded clothing, from Balmain to Saint Laurent. With that, WLSY came up with the idea of creating items designed and made by us, his fans. Personalized shirts, stickers, buttons pins among others will be made by our staff and be sent as presents to Seungyoon.

3. Charity Donation
As mentioned above, our project is for a good cause as its main goal is to share and donate. This idea came into light when Seungyoon revealed to be sponsoring 3 kids. We got inspired by his thoughtfulness, generosity and caring heart especially to young kids. Also, Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the season of giving but by sharing our blessings to people who most need our love and support. And so we have decided to do a charity donation and participate in the “10,000 Won Miracle Campaign” of YG’s Sean (@JINUSEAN3000) and the Purme Foundation (@purmefoundation) to build a rehabilitation hospital for children with disabilities. We will be sending the donations under Kang Seungyoon’s name. (More info here:

>> Paypal Account: (International)

After sending us your donation, kindly comment below or email us at the following info:
>>Email address

Donors’ names will be listed on one of the pages of the messagebook. We’ll be accepting donations until January 11th, 2015, 12AM KST. Any amount of donation is welcomed. Total donations will go to the “10,000 Won Miracle Campaign” project as well as the shipping of the messagebook and gifts.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or mention us on Twitter.

Right now, we are already thanking everyone who can and will donate. Hope we could collect as many donations as possible to reach out and help as many beautiful children. ^.^

-WLSY Staff

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