[TRANS/TUTORIAL] DCKSY Gallery’s Project for Seungyoon’s 1st Year Solo Debut Anniversary


DCKSY Gallery, Kang Seungyoon’s largest Korean Fan Community, is celebrating Seungyoon’s 1st year Anniversary as a solo artist through several projects/support.

I. Gift Support – The following are the gifts DCKSY is giving Yoon:

1) Figurine: Still in the process of deciding the final design
2) Big pillow: (It will be ‘Big-head Seungsoon’, Seungyoon’s girl version)
3) T-shirt: (Either with Seungyoon’s nicknames or the aliases Seungyoon fans have been named)
4) Sandals

If you wish to donate through Paypal:

II. Message/Poem Projects – the messages will be compiled and be handwritten by the organizer in a message/scrapbook like the one below.


Since the book DCKSY is making will be manually decorated, fans are asked to submit fanarts. See the tutorial below  on how to upload your fanart.

dcksy_fanart dcksy_fanart2

1) Write a celebratory message or answer the question, “Why do you like/love Seungyoon?” LINK
2) Imagine Seungyoon is in front of you and ask him any question. Questions that can make Seungyoon laugh are welcomed. Seungyoon won’t personally be able to answer these questions, however, he will get to know what fans want to know about him LINK
3) Write a poem for Seungyoon (can either be an acrostic three-line poem starting with K, S and Y or a remade lyrics/rap in relation to Seungyoon) LINK
4) Point out/tease/comment on Seungyoon’s fashion with your aegyo LINK
5) Say Something to Seungyoon in 4 syllables LINK

To reply in the forum/DCGallery, fill up the following at the bottom of the comments section.


Registration is not needed in DCGallery but it will ask for a nickname and password before you can post for editing purposes. The nickname given will be written on the message/scrapbook along with the message/poem you posted.

DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2014 for both the messages/poems and donations.

International fans’ participation (English messages/poems) is highly expected and welcomed so do join the projects!

Big thanks to @1004SYNA (Selina) for the translations and tutorial

*If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment here ^0^*

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