[NEWS] 140517 “When Is the Debut?” WINNER Will Be the Last Variable In Boy Group Battle

news_140517winner next

Who will be the third runner to continue YG Entertainment’s explosive energy? As YG Entertainment (“YG”) disclosed the teaser image ‘WHO’S NEXT’, which implies the third singers that YG will present this year, attentions are being drawn to the debut schedule of boy group WINNER who already formed their fan base.

YG disclosed the teaser image ‘WHO’S NEXT’ that implies YG’s third singers of this year on its official blog at midnight of May 16, and hinted that new songs of their next singers would be soon released. As PSY and WINNER are considered as the most possible next singers, fans are taking interest in the schedules of WINNER, who will be the last variable in the on-going boy-group battle.

In April, WINNER’s music video shooting schedule was discovered by OSEN, so fans were expecting that they would debut soon. Sources say that WINNER’s music video was directed by Seo Hyun Seung, a director who was in charge of BIGBANG and 2NE1’s music videos. Director Seo directed “FANTASTIC BABY” and “I AM THE BEST”, and it is expected that WINNER will also present a high-quality music video amidst YG’s strong support.

Also WINNER has already acquired professionalism unlike rookie boy groups through various stage experiences like performing as guest for the opening of BIGBANG’S 6 Largest Dome Tour in Japan and as guest for 2NE1’s concert. As WINNER have already established their fan base through a reality program, they are expected to change the landscape of Korea’s boy groups once again upon their debut. So their debut schedule is receiving great attention.

At the moment, YG is releasing its explosive energy by staging both girl group 2NE1 and sibling duo AKDONG MUSICIAN successfully. The second full album of 2NE1, which was released on February 26, swept the top ranking of music charts upon its release and became the most popular girl group album selected by the American Billboard. Also, AKDONG MUSICIAN, who debuted on April 7, are gaining popularity unusual for rookie groups. Their debut album ‘PLAY’, which is full of whimsical lyrics and their unique style, has taken the top spot on Melon’s ‘Artist Top 20’ and ‘Album Top 20’ for five consecutive weeks.

In January, the head producer YANG HYUN SUK announced through ‘FROM YG’ that YG was planning to debut four new teams this year. Thus, fans are taking much interest in ‘who will be the next runner of YG’ — will it be the new group WINNER who will show their potential like AKDONG MUSICIAN or is YG preparing for its secret plan to surprise fans as it did with the debut of AKDONG MUSICIAN?

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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