[VIDEO] 140515 Winner’s Cut on Mnet’s Dirty Talk/Toilet (With Translations)

Translations under the cut

GR: Winner hasn’t debut yet, but they have higher recognition than Got7. Isn’t there 2 popular members?

JG: Kang Seungyoon & Lee Seunghoon got the limelight through audition program.

GR: If Song Minho is little SUN, is he shorter than SUN?

TW:He is a great rapper

JG: He can even make his own rap

SJ: According to comment investigative team, Kang Seungyoon is considered a key figure in Winner

Another opinion is that they are called Kang Seungyoon and Boys. Also Nam Taehyun is the cream of the crop.

Since Winner are competent like their Sunbae, if they don’t make scandal, their life span will be more than 9 years

Translations and Video upload by SYNA Angel (@1004SYNA)

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