[NEWS] 140514 YANG HYUN SUK, “YG Is Restarting Its Activities … Completed Line-up for May & June”


YG Entertainment has started performing in Korea again from May after restraining from performing in Korea for about a month.

YANG HYUN SUK, CEO of YG Entertainment (“YG”) said to TV Report on the 14, “Most singers in the K-pop circles stopped their performance after the sinking of the ferry Sewol, which is tragic and very sad news. So, YG also stopped performing to join the mourning.”

From earlier this month, the K-pop world has been getting ready to slowly start again, and some of cancelled music shows are now back to usual. So, YG is also planning to start their activities again.

YANG also said, “We are carrying out all the planned activities that were suspended for about a month. We’ve already finished preparation process for several projects. The meeting we’ll have today is about when to disclose those projects.” Then he confidently said, “We haven’t decided who will come first, but many of our singers will come back in May and June. YG will also come back to where it should be and work hard to show all that we have been preparing so far.”

At YG, WINNER who were selected from last year’s survival program are going to debut, and PSY will come back soon. They reportedly did album recording and music video shooting.

YG’s singers will also begin their postponed schedules again. ‘FROM TOP EXHIBITION’ will be held at Horim Art Center’s JnB Gallery (located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) from June 4 to 7 to celebrate the first pictorial record of BIGBANG’s T.O.P, which was released last month.

AKMU will begin the TV performance of their third title track “GIVE LOVE”. The song was selected as the next title track by their fans. On the 14, a choreography video for the song was disclosed, raising fans’ expectations.

Source: YG-Life via TV Report

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