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[FANCAMS] 140429 Winner at『Hello! WINNER』Fan Meeting in Osaka (Dojima River Forum)

SCHED 1: 12pm
Seungyoon’s special skill is to play guitar

Seungyoon sang “Missing You Now” at HELLO WINNER 1st round event.

Winner – Missing You

Taehyun Singing

Mino Beatboxing

Jinwoo Imitating Bird Sounds >.<

SCHED 2: 3pm
Seungyoon’s greeting to Osaka fans!

Seungyoon’s guitar skills

Seungyoon’s another special skill is singing. He sang “Missing You Now – D-lite”

Seungyoon Talk
What Seungyoon wants to do is to hold their own concert and to make their broadcast debut. What Seungyoon wants to have is their debut album

Seungyoon started to play guitar in the 3rd year of middle school. His mom encouraged him to learn. He was a (classical) guitar major at high school

Winner – Just Another boy

Winner – Go Up (fanchants)

SCHED 3: 6pm
Seungyoon Ment

Seungyoon imitating electric rice cooker sounds (lol) -@1004SYNA

Seungyoon sings ‘It Rains’ while Seunghoon dances ^^

KSY sing ‘It Rains’ (audio only)



-to be updated-

Big thanks to 승윤 타임 for the video captions ^^

Credit: 승윤 타임 | choa BIGBANG | yuuuuuuriii | taehyunner | SeungYoonA | DCWinner via Lee Jennifer | Luân Hữu


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