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[OFFICIAL] 140412~13 Winner at YG Family Concert 2014: Power in Japan at Osaka Kyocera Dome

10154455_754950361192224_2531533272804983550_n 1908268_754950354525558_5913000650887387903_n

10264743_754417461245514_2727888724151511385_n 10250325_754417447912182_3867068250292374240_n 10155217_754417181245542_7030057665665818637_n 10153743_754417567912170_569624342419487311_n 10151877_754417451245515_1429590430458865989_n 10001205_754417631245497_259123959625791509_o 1510625_754417177912209_3325221782680170003_n 860437_754417627912164_1211604365700507093_o 603640_754417571245503_1776330687682811681_n

Source: YG-Family’s Official Facebook Page

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