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[SCANTRANS] WINNER in Indonesian kaWanku Magazine No. 174/2014


Adorable, talented and clumsy boys.

Although they haven’t released their debut album yet, WINNER attracted 8,000 fans for their fan meeting in Japan, got a lot CF project, and they are called as the group that is most awaited to debut.


Skilled Self-composer

Not just cool on stage, WINNER also have the ability to produce their own songs. Three members, Seungyoon, Minho and Taehyun have skills to make songs. “Go Up” a song shown in WIN TV program, was made by Seungyoon and it successfully entered the top ten in eight korean online music charts without promotion.

YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, praised WINNER’s ability and put his trust on them to produce some songs for their debut album. That was kind of rare chance for a new group that is about to debut.

Although only Seungyoon, Minho and Taehyun made their own songs,the other members are always helping them too. Especially Minho and Seunghoon, who always write the lyrics for their own rap part in each song. “The most important thing is that we want to make music which will make people feel they are WINNERs when they listen to it” Seungyoon said.

Dorky & Clumsy

Other things that make fans love WINNER are their clumsy and dorky characters. Minho said, “We are always serious on stage. But back stage, we’re cheerful and really love to joke”.

Their dorky and clumsy character revealed on their reality program WINNER TV. From their daily fun and random act,to their funny reactions when staff wore a ghost costume and tried to scare them. Minho and Seunghoon who are scaredy cats among WINNER, ran away hilariously. [laughs]

When they competed on their own Winter Olympics, they did a lot of silly and random things that entertained the viewers. From Jinwoo who cheated to win the competition to Minho who looks the manliest but in fact he’s the weakest and never won once.

“Jinwoo is the eldest but he’s the cutest, Taehyun is youngest but he’s dependable, Minho is a rapper but he has cute side. Despite our age differences, actually it makes everything more exciting and fun” said Seunghoon.


Kang Seungyoon
Born: Busan, 21 January 1994
Position: Vocal/Leader
Fun Facts:
– Although always busy for the entire day, Seungyoon is never tired to do funny things with his random and absurd attitude.
– Most difficult to wake up in the morning. When Seungyoon is asleep, he will never know what is happening around him.

Nam Taehyun

Born: Seoul, 10 May 1994
Position: Main Vocal , Maknae
Fun Facts:
– Popular for his droopy eyebrow and 5:5 hair style.
– The prettiest member, especially when he’s dressed as a girl.
– Although he is the maknae, Taehyun can’t act cute or do aegyo.

Kim Jinwoo

Birth: Imja-do, September 26th 1991
Position: Vocal, Eldest
Fun facts:
– Has biggest eyes among the members, often being called as “Deer”
– Even if he’s the eldest, he has a lot of aegyo and is the cutest member
– Always lost a.k.a has bad sense of direction

Song Minho
Birth: Seoul, March 30th 1993
Position: Rapper
Fun facts:
– Even though he looks manly, Mino is in fact the dorkiest and clumsiest member, he is always doing silly things.
– He is often addressed as BigBang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang’s son since he looks alot like them

Lee Seunghoon

Birth: Busan, January 11th 1992
Position: Rapper, Choreographer

Fun facts:
– Since High school, Seunghoon really wanted to enter YG. Every night, Seunghoon used to go to his rooftop and look at YG building which was near and used to imagine himself in YG.
– Talkative, witty and has sense of humor that makes him easy to get along with people

Scans by: @fiTOP13
Trans by: karina and millea7 @WeLoveSeungYoon of WUAN


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