[NEWS] 140412 [Exclusive] Debut approaching? WINNER films music video


YG Entertainment’s new group WINNER is expected to make a comeback soon.

It is highly likely that the artist that is to follow AKDONG MUSICIAN, YG’s sibling duo topping music charts for 6 weeks in a row, will be WINNER. OSEN confirmed recently through the crew WINNER’s schedule for filming a music video.

It is said that SEO HYUN SEUNG, a director who was in charge of BIGBANG and 2NE1’s videos will be directing WINNER’s one. YG has been asking him to direct top priority songs as he produced BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” that reached 100 million views and 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST,” which attracted the biggest number of viewers out of all 2NE1’s videos. Thus it is easy to understand through this that YG is giving much care and attention on WINNER.

Apart from performing in South Korea, WINNER already appeared as guests of the concert opening for BIGBANG’s Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour. The event is a proof that YG’s founder YANG HYUN SUK has high expectation for the group, as he personally organized it to provide performance opportunities.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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