[NEWS] 140412 Winner To Debut Soon? Shooting Their Debut Music Video Has Been Confirmed


It is assumed that WINNER will debut soon because the shooting day of their M/V has been confirmed by OSEN from YG filming staff recently.

It is said that Seo Hyun Seung who filmed BIGBANG’s and 2NE1’s past MVs is preparing for it. He is the director of the MVs that recently reached 100M views such as ‘I Am The Best’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’. YG always puts him in charge of the most important songs. Based on that, we know how much YG expects from and focuses on WINNER.

WINNER has already opened for BIGBANG’s Dome tour in Japan as well as in Korea (for 2NE1). This was to let WINNER have stage experiences and this shows the special love from YG’s head, Yang Hyun Suk.

Among PSY, 2NE1 and WINNER, who will be the third to come? This has been drawing people’s interest.

Source: Osen via Naver
Translated by: 1004SYNA@WeloveSeungYoon of WUAN|| @TeamAtheWINNER

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