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[VIDEO/TRANS] 140402 Wild Boy Cut on Mnet’s Toilet (“Dirty Talk Show”)

Translation under the cut

Kim Gura: Has Yoon Jong Shin released the song again (they introduced YJS’s February song before). Too often

Seyoon: It’s monthly. Monthly.

Sangmin: Seungyoon!

Sangmin: I think YJS cares about this song (compare to the Feb song).

Seyoon: The music video is just made that way regardless of the lyrics.

Kim Gura: It seems that YJS aimed to get the copyright income.

They have had special bond since ‘Instinctively’ in Superstar K2.

Not only Seungyoon but also Minho who has not debuted yet.

Group Winner was born through the program WIN of YG Entertainment.

Song Minho is a member of Winner.

Sangmin: Minho is an outstanding rapper.

Kim Gura: It is made for using fans. It is a business planned album. I feel it is not catchy that much. How about you?

Dongwoo: The song has noir like feel and it fits Seungyoon’s husky voice very well.

Seyoon: The intro easily comes to mind.

Catchy intro

Kim Gura: Only that part.

Kim Gura: Yoon Jong Shin is known as a composer, and it is said that YJS give the song to others but I’ve almost never seen anyone receive the songs from him. Just collaborations like this.

Sangmin: Why don’t you make Monthly Gura? Internet broadcasting, Monthly Kim Gura, can be released every month!

Kim Gura: I think I will be damned.

Dongwoo: Monthly Gura

Kim Gura: Will this song hit?

Seyoon: Oh its high.

4 points out of 5

Note: Noir is film genre or a style of film-making which shows the world as a dangerous or depressing place where many people suffer, especially because of the greed or cruelty of others. (T/N: But it’s not a bad meaning kkk)

Video Upload and Translation: 1004SYNA@WeloveSeungYoon

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