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NII Korea is introducing its new product line, WIN.DBREAKER. NII will promote this line for 3 weeks by displaying it as a main item.

There are 3 kinds of WIN.DBREAKER. They are Crumong Character WIN Point, Ultralight, and Hood Windbreaker(which is made of taslan material). As worn by Winner in the poster above, Crumong Character WIN Point will be available in colors yellow, red, orange, green, blue, navy, neon-yellow and will be priced at 39,900won. Ultralight Windbreaker is made of thin cloth(material) in colors white, orange, and apple green. The price is 69,000won. White zipper is the key of the Hood Windbreaker including red and navy. It will be priced 79,900won.

Source: apparelnews
Translated by: Selina@WeloveSeungYoon

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