[OTHERS] WLSY Feature: Yoon Jong Shin and KSY, from SSK2 2010 to WILD BOY 2014

The collaboration on the song ‘WILD BOY’ with Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho is not a surprise. The fans who have been waiting for a collaboration from Seung Yoon and Yoon Jong Shin from way back SuperStar K2 2010 (SSK2) are all delighted to finally see this happening. Shall we take a look at how these two met and how their relationship evolved from contestant-mentor then to singer-producer now?

Kang Seung Yoon auditioned on SSK2 and this was how they met.

We could see how Yoon Jong Shin doted on SeungYoon. Even back then, he seemed to be the only one who believed in Seung Yoon’s potentials.

Seung Yoon covered Yoon Jong Shin’s ‘Instinctively’ on SSK2. “Instinctively” became a top-selling single in Korea, peaking at number one on the Gaon Chart. The song became one of the top 100 songs of the year. It was released on its own as a digital single and later in the Superstar K2 compilation album, Superstar K2 Up to 11

Mnet performance

Their relationship didn’t end at SSK2 for even years after the show,  Yoon Jong Shin used to mention him whenever he could. Here’s a clip of Yoon Jong Shin on Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy on February 13, 2012 mentioning Seung Yoon

I wanted to be Kang Seung Yoon’s producer. At first sight, I knew his potentials. He looked ordinary but I could feel the energy right away. I actually wanted to be his producer, but it was not easy for me to approach him because he was my mentee and I thought it was unfair to approach him based on personal connections. But I felt proud when he succeeded.


Years after, YG’s WIN: Who Is Next happened and Yoon Jong Shin became one of the judges of the 2nd battle:

March 19, 2014, Yoon Jong Shin announced a collaboration project with Kang Seung Yoon and Mino through his twitter

Trans: Yoon Jongshin’s March Monthly Issue w/ WINNER’s KSY after 4 years +Mino’s Rap Featuring…Next week! – @onewomansubs

Note: It is not a magazine… It is like Yoon Jongshin’s Project that he releases new songs with people every month. – @1004SYNA


Yoon Jong Shin, founder of record label/agency MYSTIC89 has a project entitled, “MONTHLY YOON JONG SHIN” that is published in the form of Yoon Jong Shin’s diary, with his thoughts and songs produced during the month. From 2014, it is released at the end of every month. And for March issue, he chose WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon and Song Mino.


Note that it is not related to WINNER’s house label (YG Entertainment) hence the lack of promotions on its part.

Buy the song ‘WILD BOY’ now!




Sources/credits: Soompi, Mwave, Allkpop, Mnet, CNews, kpopstarz, @1004SYNA, @onewomansubs
Article by: babythyr @WeloveSeungyoon


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