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[TWITTER] 140319 Yoon Jung Shin to collaborate with Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon and Song Mino

140319 melodymonthly

 Trans: Yoon Jongshin’s March Monthly Issue w/ WINNER’s KSY after 4 years +Mino’s Rap Featuring…Next week!

Note: It is not a magazine… It is like Yoon Jongshin’s Project that he releases new songs with people every month. –@1004SYNA

*Yoon Jung Shin is a singer-producer/composer who is one of the judges of Superstar K as well as WIN’s 2nd Battle. He is also the original singer of ‘Instinctively’ which Seung Yoon is known for performing/covering on Superstar K2*

Source: @MelodyMonthly via @1004SYNA
Translation by: Jeni (@onewomansubs)

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