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[TRANS] 140222 Winner on Star1 Magazine

star1_4 star1_5

“Oppa” before becoming “Ahjusshi”. Netizens will find another “Oppa”. After some time, people will also find “Dongsaeng”. Although it’s a little cold-hearted, it is the fact in the entertainment industry. 20 more years had passed. It’s the 3rd generation time.

The three big companies, SM, YG and JYP, are also busy continuing their job to search for the best rookies. TVXQ, SNSD, BIGBANG, 2PM, 2NE1 and Wonder Girls are already a big hit from the three companies. They are now waiting for the time. SM’s EXO, JYP’s GOT7 and YG’s WINNER are their secret weapons.

YG WINNER + from songwriter to idol

YG Entertainment, who started off with a hip hop style, can never forget the 1st generation groups. Gaining the whole country’s love, JINUSEAN and 1TYM, but if they were called as idols, it’s weird. But in 2006, hip hop idol BIGBANG had created a “BIGBANG”. “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, and “Fantastic baby” had succeeded,and made them become Asia’s most well-known group. Now, the 3rd generation’s idols, WINNER and ‘WIN’ Team B, are waiting for their debut.


YG’s Yang Hyun Suk is leading WINNER’s debut. Last year, the winner of the program “WIN” was Team A, so they got to debut first. Using another way of introducing them, they appeared on a variety show, showing their life as trainees. WINNER already had a lot of fans.

As for WINNER, netizens’ thoughts are very important because through WIN, they already introduced their high-standard self-composed song to the public. And also, they appeared in BIGBANG’s concert in Japan before debut. Yang Hyun Suk also said, “Now it is a very crucial time. We really want to, through media, release the album that everyone wants.” WINNER’s debut album must be a good album.

The members are all the best. MNET’s <SUPERSTAR K> Kang Seung Yoon, <KPOP STAR> Lee Seung Hoon, and B.O.M’s member Song MinHo, together forming WINNER. Through “WIN”, Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon and Song MinHo already shines out. Main vocalist Nam TaeHyun and lead vocalist Kim JinWoo also had gained a lot of fans, especially among girls. 5 people of different talents, together, after debut, will become a great group.

Scans source: DC Winner Gallery
Korean-Chinese Trans by: @Godirritated
Chinese-English Trans by: Diana @ WINNER_UAN

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