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[SCANS/TRANS] 140311 Winner on Epop Malay Magazine March Issue



WINNER is a new group from YG Entertainment that will debut in the Korean Music (Hallyu) industry. Even though they haven’t officially debuted yet, they already caught people’s attention and received high popularity. They were also invited to be an honourable guest in BIGBANG’s dome concerts in Japan. With their versatile talent, WINNER’s debut is being anticipated by their fans.

Epop (E): What is Winner’s charisma ?

Kang Seung Yoon (KSY) : We each have our own colour because everyone has different talents. When we gather, we become a powerful/energetic group.

Lee Seung Hoon (LSH) : We will bring different genres of music because of our unique vocals.

Song Minho (SMH) : We looked serious when on stage. But off stage, we are actually cheerful and active just like our age.

Nam Tae Hyun (NTH) : Our members are tall, hahaha!

E: Who is the tallest?

LSH : Me! My height is 182cm.

NTH : Because we are too tall, we can conquer the whole stage and give a perfect show. This is our charisma.

Kim Jin Woo (KJW) : I am the oldest, Taehyun is the maknae, but we interact without considering the age gap. This is our charisma too.

LSH : The most attractive to me is Jinwoo hyung. He is the oldest but he is so cute. Taehyun is the youngest but he is very dependable. Min Ho is a powerful/energetic rapper but is really handsome.

E: Congratulations on the successful WINNER’s fanmeeting in Japan.

KSY : We are so thankful with the number of fans who love and support us. Starting from now, I will do everything with no regret.

NTH : What is more interesting about our fans is that they are from all generations. From children to parents

LSH : At that time, I only know to say “Arigatou”, “Ashiteru” and “Owari”. I will learn even harder to learn Japanese language so that I can communicate with Japan fans.

What is your view towards the Japanese fans?

KJW: Active

NTH: Orderly (Well-mannered)

KSY: Well-mannered and nice

LSH: Cute voices

E: What did you eat in Japan ?

SMH : Kobe Gyu

NTH: Takoyaki and Motsunabe

SMH : Tonkotsu Ramen!

E: What do you want to do in Japan?

LSH: I want to perform solo on a small stage or perform at Tokyo Dome at the most appropriate time.

KSY: I want to attend a variety show or a talk show (E: Example?) <SMAP&SMAP>!

KJW: I want to meet Kimura Takuya

LSH: I want to do acting like Seungri hyung.

E: Do you have any place you want to visit in Japan?

SMH: Fuji-Q Highland!

KSY: Haunted House

NTH: I want to ride Takabisha (a roller coaster ride in Fuji-Q Highland)

LSH: I want to visit Nagasaki. I am really interested in traditional things. For example, I like to visit a shop that sells things in the morning and closes the shop once all are sold out. I also love food!

KSY: I want to visit places and shops that show up Japanese dramas.

NTH: I want to go to the station that was in the anime called <Byousoku 5 Centimeter>.

KJW: I want to see the fireworks

E: Do you listen to any Japanese music?

NTH: I really like X-Japan

LSH: My sister really loves J-POP music. I also love listening to ARASHI and SMAP.

SMH: I like listening to hip hop music. I always listen to TERI-YAKI BOYZ.

NTH: I love Nakashima Mika.

E: What kind/genre of music you want to try in the future?

LSH: I think that our group will not be the same as Big Bang since we are in the same agency. We will let the agency decide our style of music.

KSY: I want to produce music that makes everyone feel like they are a WINNER.

SMH: I have the same thought as Seungyoon. As a new group, we should show various colours of music and listen to others point of view. Please wait for us!

NTH: I want to make music that everyone loves. I and the other members will try our best.

E: What is your goal?

LSH: Debut!

KSY: I want WINNER to be loved by everyone. This goal gives a synergy effect within an artist.

SMH: We were given an opportunity to perform for Big Bang as a special guest. Next time, we want to be the special guest a gain.

KJW: Our group name is WINNER. WINNER means WIN. I want to hold on to that name.

Photo/Scan Source@izzanazura
Translated by@izzanazura and @DODATAN (TaeUps/WUAN)

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