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[NEWS] 140224 [WINNER TV] Epilogue – The great revealing of the off-shots that brings back memories!


A lonely Monday that just makes us look at WINNER’s STARCAST for no reason. For the viewers of [WINNER TV] and NAVER STARCAST, who will be feeling the empty spot of the story that was aired on the same time every week, we have prepared [WINNER TV] epilogue.
Check it out right now!

Do not miss lots of news of WINNER that will be reported through STARCAST!

Epilogue.#1 Picture card
From long, long time ago, it is said that look at good things in a big, big way. With the requests from lots of people who wanted to watch a little bit larger card image when we revealed the card last time, we will reveal the picture card!


[Seunghoon] Seunghoon started to draw the picture first. It is said that he drew the picture in such a detailed way that he almost worried about the life(?) of the pen that he newly bought.


[Seungyoon] Just like how lots of people interpreted, I think this is the picture by Seungyoon that is most like a leader as it contains lots of meanings in the picture. Just like the branches that reached out far, we hope WINNER becomes a group that extends to farther distances.


[Min Ho] The characteristic of this picture is ‘Find a hidden picture’. If looking close, there is a lizard and also a brand that Min Ho likes and thid picture expresses all the characteristics of members in detail.

Please find the hidden pictures with the eyes of the hawk~!


[Jin Woo] Jin Woo’s drawing contains the lyric the song. It is the lyric from ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake whom Jin Woo have always been looking up to. Wouldn’t this be the messages that he wants to give either to himself or someone who is precious to him?^^


[Tae Hyun] With the request to draw a picture for the fans, Tae Hyun picked up the pen without hesitation and easily drew the picture. His drawing skills have been shown in the past already and it is born again as a customized picture for the fans!

Epilogue.#2 Off-shots that brings back memories
Off-shots that brings back memories that we took out from the members’ photo books! Look back at the memories of [WINNER TV] once again by looking at the pictures~!


[Tae Hyun] The waiting room during Japan Dome Tour. He is busy coming up with the ideas for the song even during the break time.


[Min Ho] Min Ho turns into Min Ho with a mild face that does not have any naughty sides when talking about music.


[Seungyoon] Seungyoon is walking in one of the streets in Japan in a way it gives off some kind of vibe. I know how it feels~


[Seunghoon] Imja-do that brings back memories. There is huge willingness to help out but working on the ship is even hard for Seunghoon, who is famous for having good physical endurance.ㅠ0ㅜ


[Jin Woo] One day at Sapporo that was snowing all day. Jin Woo enjoyed snowing weather all he wants.

Source: Naver Starcast

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