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[WLSY SUBS] Kang Seung Yoon on Superstar K2

Episode 1-8

ssk2 wlsysubs

Episode 9-1

ssk2 9-1 wlsysubs

Episode 9-2

ssk2 9-2 wlsysubs

-to be updated-

WLSYsubs Team
Translator: 1004SYNA
Editor/Typesetter: thyzarine8, jaybee238
Encoder/Uploader: gelli17

Please take out with full credits. Do not redistribute or reupload.

3 replies on “[WLSY SUBS] Kang Seung Yoon on Superstar K2”

Hi! I am wondering if you would still be subbing Superstar K2 all episodes? I really want to watch them but I couldn’t find any videos with Eng subs…


Like I said on the other post, it’s unfortunate to say that we stopped subbing due to a lot of reasons, staff being extremely busy in real life has been the main reason. Again, if we find one or if we decide to sub it (which is kinda impossible atm), we’ll let everyone know and share it on the site. Thank you!


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