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[NEWS] 140217 With Tears, Emotions, and Laughter… [WINNER TV]’s Five Best Scenes Selected by WINNER


YG Entertainment’s new boy group WINNER has selected and disclosed five best scenes of cable channel Mnet’s “WINNER TV” show.

“WINNER TV” began in December last year and it has come under the spotlight by disclosing not only the shining charms of five members (KANG SEUNG YOON, SONG MIN HO, KIM JIN WOO, LEE SEUNG HOON, and NAM TAE HYUN), but also the process of their first step taken to turn themselves into an artist from a trainee.

# NAM TAE HYUN, Episode 3 of “WINNER TV”, Tear-Shedding Performance for Friendship Test

The best scene selected by NAM TAE HYUN is the candid camera for a friendship test in episode 3 of “WINNER TV” aired on December 27 last year, for which NAM acted enthusiastically by even shedding tears. NAM TAE HYUN explains the reason for selecting this scene, “I was able to confirm the friendship between our members once again through this candid camera”.

On the day, WINNER went to Japan to perform on the opening stage of BIGBANG’s dome tour, as a guest artist. After NAM TAE HYUN was given the mission of “friendship test” by the production staff in secret from the other members, he prepared for the candid camera alone. He asked for help to the other members, saying he had lost his wallet while eating at an outside restaurant not reporting it to the company, even shedding tears before KANG SEUNG YOON, the second target of the candid camera. KANG SEUNG YOON had been seriously angry because NAM TAE HYUN just disappeared, but he helped NAM TAEHYUN seeing his tears. The scene showed and confirmed the deep bond between WINNER members.

# KIM JIN WOO. Episode 5 of “WINNER TV”. Long-Awaited Reunion with Father, “Memory of Imja Island”

The best scene selected by KIM JIN WOO is the scene of his reunion with his father on Imja Island, which was aired in episode 5 of “WINNER TV” on the 10 last month. He burst into tears while reading a letter for his father. KIM JIN WOO says, “WINNER members helped me and encouraged me, so I could draw such a good result. I have been grateful to my father so much, since I became WINNER”.

KIM JIN WOO had a good time with the other members while preparing for dinner, and made viewers cry, reading his letter for his father at the party for the village. The letter written by KIM JIN WOO for his father touched viewers much.

# LEE SEUNG HOON. Episode 8 of WINNER TV, “New Challenge”, the Parody of “The Heirs”

The best scene selected by LEE SEUNG HOON is the “WINNER’s Version of ‘The Heirs’”, which is the parody of SBS TV drama “The Heirs” that created a sensation in 2013. The parody was aired in episode 8 of “WINNER TV” on the 31 last month. In the parody, he acted as the mother of main character Kim Tan. LEE SEUNGHOON acted the role of Kim Tan’s mother so well, showing a new talent. At that time, LEE SEUNG HOON played seven roles as Cha Eun Sang’s mother, Kim Tan’s mother, a bully, a high school girl, etc., giving viewers so much fun.

LEE SEUNG HOON explains the reason why he selected the scene as the best, “It was my first time to try acting, but it was so fun and many people liked it. I can’t forget it since I tried a wholly new thing”.

# KANG SEUNG YOON. Episode 9 of WINNER TV. “Recovering First Resolution” at Sajik Stadium in Busan

WINNER’s leader KANG SEUNG YOON selected his visit to Sajik Stadium in Busan, which was aired in episode 9 of “WINNER TV” on the 7 this month. At the stadium, he reproduced himself of the days when he was dreaming to be a singer. KANG says, “I selected this scene because I recollected the memories of my past days while shooting this episode and I could really recover my first resolution”.

In the episode, KANG went to Busan with LEE SEUNG HOON, another WINNER member who is from Busan. The two shared their memories at meaningful places in their hometown and visited places where they nurtured their dreams in old days. KANG visited Sajik stadium where the preliminary competition of Mnet’s audition show “Super Star K 2” was held. He drew much attention by singing Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s “THIS TIME”, reproducing the younger and ambitious KANG SEUNG YOON at the time of the competition.

# SONG MIN HO. Episode 10 of WINNER TV, Video Message of Tears in the Last Trip

The best scene selected by SONG MIN HO is the scene of “video message of tears”, which was aired in episode 10 of “WINNER TV” on the 14 this month. SONG MIN HO says, “I cried a lot seeing the video message in which Team B of ‘WIN’ cheered us and that was the last shooting of ‘WINNER TV’. Because it was really cold on the day, it was really hard for everyone”.

WINNER took the last trip together before their debut in the episode and tears stood in the members’ eyes while they were seeing video messages from 2NE1 members and their family members. Finally, when the members of Team B with whom WINNER competed in “WIN” show appeared, they all burst into tears. WINNER members were so much encouraged by the sincere support from Team B members and it gave them an opportunity to renew their resolution before their official debut.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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