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[NEWS] 140216 WINNER TV lands in Japan, March: quite unprecedented


YG’s newbie group WINNER’s ‘WINNER TV’ is to land in Japan.

According to MUSIC ON! TV’s homepage, a Japanese cable channel, WINNER TV became part of the regular program list. The first episode goes on air March 3rd, and the cable channel has already structured the actual and replay episodes. It is highly unprecedented for Japan to show a program about a group that did not yet make an official debut.

WINNER TV is a follow-up of survival program WIN: WHO IS NEXT aired last October, where the now WINNER won the battle against B Team. The current one is all about their debut. It is a reality program where 5 members, KANG SEUNGYOON, KIM JINWOO, LEE SEUNGHOON, NAM TAEHYUN, and SONG MINHO are featured growing into professional artists.

The program kicked off last December, and it featured WINNER performing the opening stage for BIGBANG’s Japan 6 Largest Dome Tour, while also showing the members seriously preparing for their debut. It encompassed their playful and honest personalities.

Personnel from MUSIC ON! TV introduced WINNER as “the first boy group YG has showcased in 8 years since BIGBANG, and the group is becoming very popular.”

WINNER had been mentioned by several media as the “rising newbie of 2014.” Even before their official debut, a number famous Japanese sports newspaper spotlighted the group’s creation. Now they are fully geared to make a debut, to kick-start their musical careers as YG’s next generation group.

Source: enews24 via YG-Life

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