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[NEWS] 140214 Good-Bye ‘WINNER TV’, But, winner starts now!


For the last 10 weeks, winners’ lives we met through cable channel MNet ‘WINNER TV’ were normal and friendly. Their wishes to become a singer and passion for the music were also delivered through the channel.

On the 14 afternoon of this month, winners had travelled and shared their memories together celebrating the last episode of the show.

In the last show, each member expressed their best memorable moment. Kang Seungyoon’s best memory was letters that members had written to each other in Osaka, saying “We can figure out how members think each other through the letters.” Song Minho said, “I was really moved by Taehyun’s action that broke the rule and wrote letters to all 4 senior members.”

Song Minho recalled the memory of having track meeting in Sapporo, Japan, and Kim Jinwoo remembered visiting his hometown Imja island together with members.

Also, members prepared and opened their belongings that will be varied in the time capsule. Minho brought Win cap that was made by Mr. Kang through the all night, and Taehyun chose T shirt he bought through busking in Shibuya, Japan. Mr. Kang chose ‘Go up’ writing note.

Jinwoo irrevantly picked subway maps and dome tour name tag. Lastly, Seunghoon chose puppy doll Ihi which had brought energy to their living place. Everything was so meaningful and precious to them.

Winner members had to wrap up the episode, singing ‘Flying butterfly’ by Yoon Dohyun together. Leader Kang cheered their members saying, “Let’s really fly.”

From their behind the stories of training, recording, and even up until the debut stage they have been dreaming of, the series had revealed to the viewers and gained huge popularity. 10 weeks of ‘WINNER TV’ has now finished, but winners start from now.

The winner survived in ‘WIN: Who Is Next’ is preparing his debut. Before the real debut, winner members had enough chances to get closer to their fans. Now, we are looking for their real stages equipped with their skills and intimacy.

Source: Osen via Naver Starcast

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