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[NEWS] 140215 [Yesterday TV] Adieu WINNER TV, see you on debut day


After 10 weeks of the long journey, WINNER TV came to an end. In the last episode, WINNER revealed very friendly and yet strongly passionate selves. The viewers, instead of feeling sad that WINNER TV ended, are more excited about their upcoming debut.

In the last episode aired on Feb 14, WINNER made their first and last trip together to a beach, sharing a special moment. Each member unveiled his most memorable moment on WINNER TV, while also showing objects to put in the time capsule. Each moment and object had very special meanings attached to him. It seemed like they grew so fond of each other that they depend on one other like family now.

The crew gave WINNER a special gift. It was the video letters from their family. Members’ family sent words of heart-felt encouragement. KIM JIN WOO’s father said, “When you told me you are going to be a singer, I thought you were immature. But now I am so proud of you.” KANG SEUNG YOON’s mother said, “I am so proud that you endured all those years. It made me cry when I saw you lose so much weight, but now I believe hard work will pay off.”

After the letters from the family, WINNER broke into tears when B Team, their former competitor on ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’ appeared. Members of B Team, KIM JINHWAN, KOO JUNHOE, SONG YUNHYUNG, KIM DONGHYUK, BOBBY and B.I congratulated and encouraged WINNER.

BOBBY said, “We lost last time but we won’t again. We will follow your path. We will meet at MAMA,” while B.I said, “I hope all your hard work will pay off, we will keep cheering on and pray for you. You just focus on your music and your passion. You beat us in the last competition, so you have to fly up high!” This letter made their bond even stronger.

LEE SEUNG HOON commented, “I want to succeed for them as well.” B Team became a source of motivation for WINNER. The former competitors now became very close friends who care about each other, and it moved the viewers as well.

WINNER was created in ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’, and became even more famous through WINNER TV. Many are excited for their upcoming debut. If ‘WIN’ was a stage that could showcase their talents, WINNER TV was an opportunity to show their real personality that brought them closer to the fans.

It’s not surprising that the fans are very excited about the debut of this very talented group. WINNER TV ends, but it’s only the beginning for WINNER. All eyes are on this newbie group for their dynamic future.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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