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[NEWS] 140215 WINNER TV: B TEAM’s letter makes WINNER break into tears


WINNER broke into tears when they received a letter from their former competitor, B Team, in the previous survival program ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT.’

In the episode of WINNER TV aired on Feb 14 through Mnet, the members took their last trip to the beach. It was in this episode that B Team sent them a video letter to cheer WINNER on.

KIM JINHWAN encouraged them by saying, “I hope you become singers that can move people’s hearts,” while KOO JUNHOE said, “I hope you become really successful so that when we make a debut, we have you as our role model.”

SONG YOONHYUNG and KIM DONGHYUK commented, “We are so proud and amazed that you are making a debut already,” and “I am so happy to hear about the debut. We will be waiting for ours, training hard.”

BOBBY added, “Although we lost last time, we won’t this time. We will follow your path. We’ll meet at MAMA,” and with a love heart, he continued, “Don’t ever get sick. It already feels empty without you guys at the training room.”

Lastly, B.I said, “I hope all your hard work will pay off, we will keep cheering on and pray for you. You just focus on your music and your passion. You beat us in the last competition, so you have to fly up high!”

WINNER could not hold back their tears. LEE SEUNGHOON said, “We have to succeed with our music for them as well.”

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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