[FASHION] WINNERTV Episode 7-9, SeungYoon’s Fashion Finds

EPISODE 7: For our eating machine SeungYoon, I spot him wearing Men’s Originals Europa Track Top from Adidas and it costs 99,000 Won. He also wear this track top in Winner TV ep 2, kk remember that Mini Fashion Show scene? kkkk

ff ep7


Now, let’s move to Winner Olympic outfits. […] For Leader SeungYoon, I spotted him wearing this Deer Run 2L Pant Model #G7879 Black/White and it costs £153.00.
EPISODE 8: Now, let’s move to another main character of The Heirs Parody by Winner, He is Kang Seungyoon aka Yang Tan. This is his scene when first meeting Nam Eunsang in YG Building. The shirt that he wore was Jeremia Shirt from WESC which costs 88,800 Won and the sweater that he wore was Vilso Knit Black Sweater which costs or 106,800 Won .
When Winner have their first meeting for the parody, I saw SeungYoon wore this cool shoes from Converse. This is Chuck Taylor All Star SM Hi – Superman which is a collaboration between DC Comics and Converse Japan and this sneakers costs 7,900 Yen.
EPISODE 9: we have our leader, Kang Seungyoon with his NII sweater. He wore 유니)퍼드선염스트라이프쭈리맨투맨 NNUALQS1831 and it costs 49,900 Won.
For his headwear, I found him wearing Phyton Strapback (Black) from SNOB and it costs 49,000 Won.Yup, it seems that in this episode Winner boys wearing too many Snob item kk, just like the last episode, they wore too many WESC item kkkkk.
BONUS from WIN: Who Is Next: 
[…] I also spot Seungyoon wearing Chambray Worker Shirts in the second episode of YG WIN when they were preparing for Video evaluation. This shirt costs 56,000 Won.
[…] Remember the 4th episode when they have battle with JYP boys? yup, right now they are debut as Got7 and they also use the same Hair Salon with Winner kk. In that episode, Seungyoon wore XXX Black Snapback from TRENTA and this item costs 49,000 Won

For fashion finds of the other members, visit giditopi’s Fashion Blog

Credit: @pupujai or giditopi

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