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[NEWS] 140208 ‘WINNER TV’ Five People, Even their Families were Different… Proved Outstanding Genes

5 members of YG Entertainment rookie group WINNER, whom the date of their debut is just around the corner, visited their hometowns to recover their body and mind that are exhausted from recording the debut album and have made their first resolutions firm while meeting with their families.

On Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ that was aired on the afternoon of February 7th, the members recording the group debut album and making a surprise visit to their homes before the debut and spending happy times with their families for a day was portrayed in an order. In the process, the family members of WINNER members, who appeared in an order, caught the attention of the viewers with heartwarming looks just like the members and also by showing various talents.

Kim Jinwoo, who previously visited his hometown Imja-do, visited Song Minho’s house together with Song Minho that is located at Yongin-si, Kyeonggi-do. These two created a heartwarming mood by making ‘Filial piety cake (I will return after becoming successful so that I can be filial. Cake)’ together in their WINNER home.

At Minho’s home, his younger sister Song Danah greeted them happily. Danah is the member of a girl group New. F.O that made a debut in 2011 and she added liveliness to the show this day with the look that is to a different level and with a lively personality. In addition, she also raised the exciting mood of ‘WINNER TV’, which only boy members appeared before, by forming a mysterious mood (?) with Kim Jinwoo and so on.

Song Minho’s mother either kissed her son, or replied to what Kim Jinwoo said, who asked “How am I as a son-in-law?”, by saying “Are you coveting my daughter with just one chicken soup?” and showed off talking abilities that is to a different level and so on.

Nam Taehyun made a photo tree that contains his own polaroid pictures for his family members that he did not get to meet in a long time and visited his hometown located in Hanam-si, Kyeonggi-go, and spent a happy time with the family.Taehyun hiked Mt.Gumdan with his mother and turned into a ‘Nam squirrel’ by jumping up with lots of power, and also showed sides as ‘Nam elementary school student’ by throwing the stone toward a frozen stream and so on and showed happy sides all the time.

Nam Taehyun’s younger brother Dong Hyun, who is currently developing his dream as a singer by going on various auditions, passionately sang the song ‘Instinctively’, the song that became the center of attention when Kang Seungyoon sang it along with playing the guitar on Mnet ‘Superstar K2’, in front of his older brother. Nam Dong Hyun got compliments from his older brother with his pretty good guitar skills and singing abilities.

Afterwards, in front of the older brother Nam Taehyun, who is showing confidence by saying “Kang Seungyoon, are you watching?”, Nam Donghyun made a heart toward Kang Seungyoon and said “Seungyoon, please tell me how I can improve my singing abilities fast. I want to sing like you, please” and by doing so, he aroused Nam Tae Hyun’s intense jealousy(?).

The members Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon, whom their hometown is Busan, visited Busan together. These two showed ‘Busan eating broadcast’ by absorbing in pork soup, Tteokbokki and Pig intestines and so on and presented a surprise performance at the street of Seomyun and got the applauses from people. Also, Kang Seungyoon visited the stadium in which he watched the preliminary round of ‘Superstar K2’ and reminisced the time back then and Lee Seunghoon was absorbed into memories when he visited his elementary school and had a time to recover their first resolutions.

Meanwhile, ‘WINNER TV shows the 5 members of WINNER making a debut in the song field as a reality program, who grabbed the opportunity to make a debut with ‘WHO IS NEXT’ and it will end airing with the 10th episode on February 14th as last.

Source: Naver

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