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In this week’s [WINNER TV], we were able to meet the sides of WINNER as somebody’s son, a grandson and an older brother. Lots of people think of loving emotions when thinking about their families but we think that the sides of WINNER that is met in this episode looks much comfortable than any other times. Of course, we also felt that each other is becoming another family for one another.

The time that feels so short is filled up and next week, the final episode of [WINNER TV] will be shown. We know that it is the final one to let people hear about much more stories at much more places but you guys cannot hide sad feelings, right? With that in mind, please listen much closely to the next episode.

While [WINNER TV] is on air, it is possible to view the best scenes every week on NAVER STARCAST.

[WINNER TV] 9th episode  WINNER’s ‘To home’
The story of WINNER recording the debut album that began with releasing the track list for the first time on [WINNER TV] while it is on air. Also, there is even an opportunity to listen a little bit of the self-written songs that are reborn through new song arrangements. The story of Busan men Seunghoon and Seungyoon visiting Busan! Min Ho and Tae Hyun prepare the gift with lots of efforts to go home. In addition, Jin Woo made himself look nice to go to his friend’s house! Meet right now the sides of WINNER that looked much comfortable and happy than anytime else~!

Video #1. The revealing of working on WINNER debut album

The revealing of the song arrangement for Tae Hyun’s self-written song ‘I’m Confessing’, which got lots of interests and positive comments even before its release. What could me the method that Tae Hyun use to concentrate on the song? Also, the revealing of the recording process of other songs ‘SHUT UP’ and ‘Tonight’. The story of working on the album that even shows the tips that helped Min Ho to write really good lyrics!

Video #2. WINNER, who are getting ready to go home

In the photo tree that Tae Hyun made for his family, there are brushing the teeth Tae Hyun, Tae Hyun who took a picture with a celebrity friend, Tae Hyun after shower and working Tae Hyun and in the cake that Min Ho and Jin Woo made, there are full of efforts! The revealing of the process of preparation without leaving anything out to give witty and lively presents to the family that looks exactly like WINNER!

Video #3 The charm of Busan that Busan men introduces

Passionately singing the favorite song at Haewoondae sea shore in which the sun is setting and dancing in a cool way without caring about anyone. It is a video that makes people want to head immediately to Busan, the place where two members of WINNER grew up!

The surprise gift for everyone who have been waiting for STARCAST! This episode is the 2nd version of [WINNER TV] The Inheritors off-shot!


[Seungyoon] Young master Kang. There is full of coolness in his face after he played an active role as cool Kang Tan+_+


[Jin Woo] Extreme chic Kim Rachel. Are you saying our frustration is none of my business now.


[Seunghoon] Charisma full level Tan’s mom Seunghoon. It is the picture of him that we had hard time to get as he was busy changing clothes because he was acting out most number of roles. The message is that it is a precious picture.


[Min Ho] Revealing of a selfie. Heart pounding+_+ Is this what we call a boyfriend picture?


[Tae Hyun] Chic Tae Hyun. The main figure of passionate acting. Please tell us how to take a selfie.
Friday nights at 10pm spent together with [WINNER TV], do not miss the show!!


Written by/Pictures = Provided by YG Entertainment

Source: Naver Starcast

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