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[OSEN=박현민 기자] YG Entertainment’s newbie group WINNER, with their official debut approaching, visited their family to recharge their motivation and to recover from the exhaustion after long hours of recording the album.

On Mnet’s WINNER TV aired on Feb 7, members were featured working on their album, and then visiting their family for a day to enjoy the time with them before the debut.

SONG MINHO was accompanied by KIM JINWOO. SONG, with the help of KIM, baked a cake, and named it “Success and Return Cake,” which is short for “We will return after achieving success.” On the way home the two went to the market to buy a bunch of flowers, fruits and food, and cooked a warm meal for his mother at home.

NAM TAEHYUN made a tree of photos for the family in Hanam, Gyeonggi Province, using his Polaroid pictures as they rarely get to see each other. He climbed Mt. Geondam with his mother, turning into a “squirrel,” while also enjoying the time like a child, throwing rocks on the frozen river. He could not look happier.

His brother, NAM DONGHYUN, performed with his guitar the song that KANG SEUNGYOON sang for an audition program, titled “Instinctively.” He then said, “SEUNGYOON, teach me how to improve singing. I want to sing like you, so please,” making his own brother jealous.


KANG SEUNGYOON and LEE SEUNGHOON visited Busan together, where they come from. They devoured spicy rice cake, pork soup and pork intestine filled with noodles, showing what “good eat” really is.

LEE went to the street filled with his past memories to perform, with the applause from the passersby, while KANG went to the arena where SuperStar K2 was held, recalling the past.

After visiting their families, the two came together at Haeundae. The two talked for a while, and then said in an interview that it was great “getting to know each other better,” feeling happy visiting home again.

WINNER TV will be wrapped up on Feb 14, with its 10th episode.

Source: YG-Life

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