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[NEWS] 140207 WINNER TV: KANG SEUNGYOON & LEE SEUNGHOON’s surprise busking in hometown, Busan


YG Entertainment’s newbie group WINNER’s KANG SEUNGYOON and LEE SEUNGHOON are doing a surprise busking in their hometown, Busan.

The two members’ busking will be featured in the 9th episode of WINNER TV that is to be aired on Feb 7 through Mnet and Naver TV Cast.

The episode will show each member returning to their hometown, in search for their memories of the past, before they make an official debut.

KANG and LEE, who share a hometown, will be going to Busan. They not only come from the same region but they were both discovered on audition programs, Mnet’s SuperStar K 2 and SBS’s K-Pop Star respectively. They will be busking in a busy street of Busan.

At the beach of Haeundae, KANG will sing along the guitar while LEE shows his dance moves. The two collaborate perfectly in the place filled with memories of the past.

Rapper SONG MINHO will be joined by KIM JINWOO. KIM has visited his hometown, South Jeolla’s Imajdo, twice already, so this time he will be going to SONG’s house.

SONG enjoys his time with this family, excitedly catching up on what they are up to. Viewers should be excited as his sister Song Dan Ah, who attracted much attention with her beauty on Mnet’s WIN: Who Is Next aired last October, will again be appearing.

NAM TAEHYUN, WINNER’s youngest, is actually the oldest son in the house, and he will be showing some unrevealed side of himself in the episode.

Apart from this, WINNER will be featured recording their album. Fans will be excited to see the group actually working on their parts in the recording room for the debut.

WINNER TV, which will come to an end on Feb 14 with its 10th episode, is aired every Friday at 10 pm through Mnet, Naver TV Cast, YG’s official blog and YouTube channel. Naver TV Cast, YG’s official blog and YouTube channel provide replay services as well.

Source: Xports News via YG-Life

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