[NEWS] 140206 YANG HYUN SUK’s 2 reasons for “WINNER’s debut, more pressure than ever” (Interview)


YANG HYUN SUK explained why he is devoting more energy into WINNER’s debut (consisting members KANG SEUNGYOON, LEE SEUNGHOON, SONG MINHO, KIM JINWOO & NAM TAEHYUN) than any other artists.

YANG, the founder of one of the biggest Korean entertainment agencies, YG, told Star News that he is feeling more pressure than ever about revealing WINNER officially as the first group since BIGBANG 8 years ago.

It’s surprising because the comment comes from a star-producing machine, YANG, who was the major contributor to making 2NE1, BIGBANG and PSY global stars. It’s even more unexpected because it seems like every WINNER member has already gained much popularity.

Then why is YANG feeling more pressure than ever?

He explains, “As YG’s BIGBANG and 2NE1 rose to global stardom, many foreign music-related people and fans’ interest for YG is growing. They are focusing on WINNER, the first boy group since BIGBANG, so this puts more pressure on the debut than when it was BIGBANG.”

He continued, “Even before their debut WINNER attracted 8,000 fans in Osaka Japan last November. Japanese fans’ interest are extended from BIGBANG to WINNER even before the debut, so this adds to the pressure on WINNER’s official debut.”

He added, “The theme song of the film “Frozen”, titled “Let It Go” is sweeping music charts recently, and this means Korean artists and agencies must work harder to produce better music. I am included in this, and this again adds to the pressure of WINNER’s album.”

YANG is feeling more pressure than ever for the following 2 reasons: global attention is on YG and WINNER, and there is a clear demand for good music to satisfy the needs.

But he is also determined to produce quality music with WINNER to brush off all the worries and pressure.

YANG said, “WINNER is working day and night on the album, and I am doing my best to support them. They also understand how important their debut album is.”

He added, “WINNER will be showing their real colors to the fans by including their self-composed songs. The alum release date is scheduled to be the end of this month, when Mnet’s WINNER TV ends, but it could be postponed if the completion is delayed. We will put in the time needed to make the album perfect.”

WINNER, who already received many offers from major brand advertisements, is building curiosity in the music world about how good their debut album will be.

Source: Star News via YG-Life

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