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[NEWS] 140203 WINNER TV Weekly Highlight #8 “The Inheritors”


[WINNER TV] In this week, an episode is filled with the parody of ‘The Inheritors’, the drama that got loved by lots of people. I think it was a moment where our noses get a little bit ticklish and smiles come out automatically as we were watching the stories that WINNER members have prepared with lots of effort from preparation process to real version, and to making film. What would be the reason we felt humiliation for some reason to girly disguises of two members.. We only make a careful assumption as we think that there might be viewers who occasionally agree with us even without saying a word.

Now, only 2 episodes are left. As the story have passed the middle and is heading to the end, we come to think about what we can do to make the stories wrap up much more nicely. I guess the only answer for sure is more viewers getting to know WINNER through [WINNER TV] and I wonder if there are any other answers. You guys are going to join us for the rest of the stories, right?

While [WINNER TV] is on air, you guys can enjoy the best scenes every week through NAVER STARCAST.

[WINNER TV] 8th episode WINNER’s ‘The Heirs’

The revealing of WINNER’S ‘The Heirs’ parody. The process of casting that was roughly possible to make a prediction! However, what would be the role of Seunghoon that showed twist over another twist? The first script reading that continued right after the casting. Jinwoo, who cannot show his anger, got the role of Rachel, the role of someone who cannot control the anger! ‘Song’ Young-do’s incredible acting using the eyebrows. The real version of the parody! Also, a making film that is filled with playfulness but also seriousness at the same time! Meet all these right now~!

Video #1. TV within WINNER TV ! The best scenes of ‘The Heirs’

Min Ho, ‘Song’ Young-do who is acting like Young-do in real ‘The Inheritors’ as if his eyebrows are fixed with a tape. ‘Nam’ Eun-sang, a real actor who uses his whole body to fall over mercilessly until the plates break if you happen to look close. The kissing part with ‘Kang’ Tan and ‘Nam’ Eun-sang! The best scene out of best scene of ‘The Heirs’ in [WINNER TV]!

Video #2. Imitating CEO Yang that is much more natural than real CEO Yang?

An emergence of cameo that nobody expected. Seungri’s imitation of CEO Yang reached its maximum!! His relaxed attitude of imitating CEO Yang while wearing CEO Yang’s hat and even an ad lib! Meet these in WINNER’s The Inheritors parody!

Video #3 The fact that big fun is usually in ‘making film’!

Bold [WINNER TV]’s ‘The Inheritors’ that reveal all at once the preparation process, real version and making film. The fact is that exciting stories are usually mostly in the making film! The revealing of behind story of girly disguises of two members that especially frustrated lots of women viewers. ‘Making film’ that is completely filled just like the real version!

A surprise gift for people who have been waiting for STARCAST!
This episode is the version 1 of [WINNER TV] The Inheritors off-shot!


[Seungyoon, Taehyun & Mino] “If you get to know them, they have strong hearts. Nam Eun-sang and the boys. Eun-sang, you look like someone who is pretty capable?”


[Jinwoo& Mino] Kim Rachel and Song Young-do.

A picture that arouses scandal. It was heard that there was huge controversy among the staff members as Rachel greeted the staff member whom he met in the elevator with a strong real man voice saying “Hello~” +_+


[Seungyoon&Tae Hyun] “Um.. Please tell me your address of what number in Cheonghak-dong…”

rappeu line

 [Seunghoon&Mino] “Kids.. Kids… What can we do… Their faces belong to this era but why did they return to the past.”


[Seungyoon&Jinwoo] A picture that arouses scandal 2. In you guys’ eyes, which couple matches well? For me… I give up on making a choice.

Look forward also to the 2nd version of ‘The Inheritors’ off-shot that will be revealed through STARCAST next week!

(It is not a secret that the exclusive picture will be revealed!)

Friday night at 10 pm spent with [WINNER TV], watch the show on time, do not miss it!!

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